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Take care of my whole self including my body, mind and spirit, everyday

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~Take 1 hour each day to shower,apply lotion and face cream, brush teeth, floss, set hair, dress nicely
~Walk the dog!
~Drink at least 2l water
~Pray or meditate for at least 10 minutes daily

Shave legs (saturday)
Deep condition/oil hair (Sunday)
Whole body exfoliate (Monday)
foot scrub and soak, foot lotion, maintain toenails (Tuesday)
face mask (Thursday)

I need to focus on this goal

I feel like I let things slip a lot and I havnt been making the effort to take care of myself in the ways that really matter. When I have time to myself I tend to watch T.V or read (which are not bad things) but I dont make time for the little personal grooming and care for my mind and body.

i have decided to draw up a weekly program to do the little things like paint my toenails and exfoliate and deep condition my hair and get back to basics like walking, drinking water, praying/meditating. Hopefully this will also help with my other weight loss goal and my resolution to dress nicely and make an effort. I will post it here and try to track my progress

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