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purplechameleon in Montreal is doing 10 things including…

keep a dream journal

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stuck in my hometown

Last night I had another nightmare that I was trapped in my hometown. I was heavily sedated and wasn’t able to say what I needed to say to my family members. The city was different and in the dream I was trying to find a way out. Living where I do now didn’t exist in my dream. I am always grateful to wake up and know that I have put that awful place behind me. So many horrible things happened to me there and I am not ready to go back any time soon.

Anyone want to analyze this messed up dream?

I had a terrifying dream last night, it started when I decided to go home to visit (which I haven’t done in years). In my dream I rented a car and drove home and for some reason ended up having to stay in this hotel that was run by gangsters and was really shady and run down. So they take my car and I am in my room and I have to leave my room but for some reason everything I own gets left in the room including the key to the room.

When I try to go back to get my things they won’t let me in my room since I don’t have my key. A friend of mine and I somehow get the key and the three of us run up six flights of stairs and each floor we get to is even more run down. The wallpaper is torn off, stains all over the place, carpet ripped up and holes punched in the walls.

I hear machine guns and guys laughing so we are really scared, we get to the room and after a few minutes inside I hear a ticking noise and there is a bomb in a backpack on my floor. I try to toss it out the window and then the buzzer of my apartment went off – (in real life). I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest.

Wanting my father

A few mornings ago I woke up in the morning crying for my dad even though he emotionally gave up when I was 5 (now almost 29 years old). It hurts so deeply to dream that I can have my father and find comfort that he can never give me. He just isn’t paternal and that makes my little heart hurt.

Todays dream

This is an awake dream and it is to promote health to people with my cooking knowledge. I eventually want to have a job that is less labor intensive and more hands on so that I can teach people how to take care of themselves on a budget.

Hair cutting dream

I have a recurring dream that my hair gets cut off. Does this signify something??

mish mash dreaming

my dreams lately have been short clips which I cannot piece together. I feel like in real life I am holding back a giant dam that has been cracking and sprouting leaks for a long time. I can’t hold it back any more. I have to let this toxic stuff out—but in a controlled environment.

weird dreams.

I’ve had a lot of really intense sobbing sessions in the past months and my dreams have been indicators of emotional suffering. It’s odd that almost everytime I sleep now I dream and remember when I wake up. I had one last night but details have faded from my memory.

I remember being in an elevator and a man in the elevator suddenly had a gun pointed at me. I some how got out of the elevator and was able to run away from him through an office building and a maze of cubicles. I finally found safety in a corner of a call centre. Suddenly the police showed up and gave me this milky liquid to drink. They said that I had to drink it all in one go or it would be ineffective. Then I discovered that my boyfriend lived in a crack house and he was really a heroin addict with multiple girlfriends. He lived a filty city similar to my old home town.

Still awaiting a referral to see a therapist, cause some really nasty stuff has been coming up lately.

the dreams keep coming.
on Monday I dream that I am living in a new apartment. The numbers on the apartments are random and placed oddly through the building in different fonts and sizes. The building is old and beautiful and nothing really matches. I am in a bedroom in one of the apartments and I keep trying to get out of the bed to leave but there
something holding me down from leaving. Everytime I try to get up by body feels like lead—like there is someone pushing me back down and holding me there. I am confined to the room and I cannot leave. It is dark and the room is narrow. There is a door at either end of the room.

I’ve been going through some huge emotional renovations and my dreams have been a little concerning lately as from what I have read on dreams, they are a warning of what is to come. I don’t understand them.

I feel like I am breaking the surface somewhere, and about to welcome a new me. I can’t sleep again today. My mind is riddled with thoughts running faster than I can keep up with.

Medicine Woman

I am wandering in a foreign place outside. I am tired and suddenly I end up at this hut with a medicine woman. She brings me inside and I lie down on a table and she begins to massage my scalp. It feels fantastic with a few uncomfortable pinches. She tells me that Westerners can’t feel their pain and that what she was doing would help me come to terms with my own and that it would help me to breathe again – through my scalp (?). It felt like she was removing toxic things from my scalp and I could actually feel it.

Does anyone interpret dreams? Would highly appreciate as they have been getting more intense.

can you interpret my dream?

I had dream this evening that there was this school with a deep layer of lockers. Behind the layer of lockers was deadly snow. One of the students climbed up but it was me and I fell deep into the snow which fell around me. As I tried to climb out I would get lower but it would get more dangerous and I would get closer to going into freezing water. Then I was also on the outside of the lockers trying to get someone to believe me that I was in trouble. I was telling the school principle that there was someone trapped behind the rows of lockers. FInally we started to tip the rows and rows of lockers forward and peeled off the final layer of wall to discover the deadly snow trap with student trapped inside.

Any one good at dream interpretation? I’ve had some really weird ones lately.

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