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100 things i love about me

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Things I love about me

1. I can cook
2. I am good at training dogs
3. I have a drivers license
4. I know my way around the city
5. I am empathetic
6. I have great hair
7. I foster animals from the SPCA
8. I am VERY stubborn
9. When I fall down, which I do often and hard I always find a way to get back up
10. I have not given in to a life of crime, drugs and unwanted babies which several of the kids I grew up with did
11. My eyes
12. My ability to be selfless
13. I always smell good
14. I am loyal
15. I have never cheated in a relationship
16. I cook for my dogs
17. I am an amazing couponer
18. I have great taste in music
19. I support local businesses
20. I adopted my dog from a shelter instead of supporting a pet store puppy mill operation
21. I make my own cleaning products which are safe and chemical free
22. I am physically strong
23. I remember the codes for most of the produce in the grocery store so when I am in the checkout and the clerk has a weird vegetable or fruit I can usually tell them the code
24. If your name is difficult I will work to get it right
25. I have a nice bum!
26. I get all melty and mushy over anything to do with Spongebob Squarepants
27. I am kind to strangers
28. I smile as much as I can
29. I take care of my body
30. I challenge myself everyday
31. I do hot yoga
32. I do word puzzles to keep my brain sharp
33. I worship my juicer
34. I also worship my food processor
35. I am learning to say less, silence is sacred
36. I have beautiful bright blue eyes
37. If a stranger looks to be in trouble I will ask if they are okay
38. I have no tolerance for bullies
39. I love educational television
40. I love going on long walks with no set destination
41. I love taking the bus
42. I love living in a big city
43. I love gardening
44. I buy as much local food as I can afford
45. I always walk my dogs on a leash
46. I drink water as often as I can
47. I will always give up my seat on public transit to someone else even if they don’t look like they need it
48. I prefer dandelions and wildflowers to store bought flowers
49. I take shorter showers to save energy
50. I pass it on when I feel like someone else needs a bit of my good energy
51. I like holding doors for strangers
52. I like setting a good example for the general public to encourage others to be kind when they can
53. I am gentle
54. I am strong
55. I have done 1 thirty day yoga challenge and I am on day 11 of a 2nd one
56. I cook at home to save money and increase the quality of my meals
57. I let my dog sleep in my bed, I can’t sleep without them next to me
58. I love meditation
59. I love myself
60. I have simplified my life so that others can simply live
61. I don’t have a credit card
62. I stand up for myself
63. I stand up for others when nobody else will
64. I share my Minecraft account with my nephews
65. When I play Wizard 101 I help kids with difficult quests
66. I make time for my boyfriend
67. I make time for myself
68. I make time for my dogs
69. I no longer consume coffee everyday
70. I share my snacks with my dogs
71. I encourage others
72. I practice self love
73. I do things for others sometimes even when I don’t feel like it
74. I am grateful for my health
75. I am grateful for food
76. I am grateful for clean water
77. I am grateful to live in a country free of war
78. I am grateful for covered medical care
79. I am grateful for my acupuncturist
80. I like to set a good example for others when I situation calls for it
81. I am phasing out skin care products: shampoo, body wash, toothpaste and am learning to make my own
82. I don’t use disposable menstrual products
83. I wash my boyfriends laundry
84. I wash my dogs
85. I try to keep an open mind to try new things
86. I am able to write down 100 things I love about myself
87. I question everything
88. I follow my heart
89. I use homeopathic flea/deworming treatments for my dogs
90. I can use power tools
91. I love to learn new things
92. I am really talented at curling
93. I go biking in the city even though it terrifies me
94. I listen to my body
95. I listen to others
96. I have been ‘adopted’ by a Chinese family (I am Scottish). They absolutely adore me, pretty sure I was born Chinese in a Scottish body
97. I am learning French even though it is difficult
98. I did CBT therapy to get over childhood trauma, one of the hardest things but also one of the most rewarding things I’ve done to date
99. I do my best to be appreciative for what I have
100. I can flambe

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