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Find The Positives In 100 Situations That Get Me Down

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2. Quit working for a while

A few weeks ago I got a new job as a cook and started a new prescription for my anxiety. I have never had a problem with antidepressants before and over the weekend after my first week on the new drug I had a really scary adverse reaction to the drug which resulted in needing to take a week off of work. I was so hysterical for the first few days of the week because I didn’t know what was happening until the doctor told me that I was having a bad reaction to medicine. I got a medical note to secure my job for the week but when calling and speaking to the head chef he belittled me and humiliated me after I told him on a need to know basis that I have PTSD and that it had taken 3 working days to figure out what was going on. He told me that he had a relative just like me and pretty much wrote me off on the phone. I got along with everyone else at work but him, and realized that I did not want to end up working long term for someone who destroys my self esteem.

I wrote him an email today to confirm that I wouldn’t be coming back and applied for unemployment insurance. After getting off of the phone I discovered that my chef school portfolio had been destroyed by water damage and then had a paper shredder fall on my foot and smash my big toenail.

I had a good cry and a few hours later came to the consensus to take some time off of working and get myself back together. Kitchens can be a nasty environment as the staff are often over worked and underpaid and there are frequently underlying addictions as a result of the stress from the job. I am glad I decided to leave even though I enjoyed everyone at work except the person I could never do anything good enough for—the head chef. I worked my ass off while I was there and if he can’t appreciate that he doesn’t deserve my sweat, blood and tears.

Here we go!

1. Too many things to do at work
= turn on my Ipod, get a cup of coffee and a snack to make the job less straining.

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