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Stop drinking soft drinks on January 2, 2007, and go at least a year without them.

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Once I got past the first few weeks of sugar and caffeine cravings

this goal was really simple. It was just a matter of making a choice to drink something else – usually water. I have noticed the lack of choices at many events – but water is usually available.

Thank you team for sticking together for the whole year. Yippee!

I want to thank Deni again for starting this goal

I am so happy that I’ve stuck with this. I just read an article today on WebMD that says drinking 1 soft drink a day can increase your risk of developing Metabolic Syndrome by 50%.

A little more than 2 weeks left to check off as done, but a lifelong habit firmly in place for good!

Hi team!

Less than two months to go. I’m happy that I’ve eliminated soft drinks from my life. Now to cut down on other sources of sugar. I’ve been reading how harmful sugar is to your skin and realize how much damage I’ve done with my reckless oreo habit :(

an added plus

that resulted from this challenge – the rest of my family has drastically reduced or eliminated soft drinks as well. I do not buy them at all – so that has cut out the home supply. My husband drinks water (or beer….), my youngest doesn’t like any type of soda and chooses milk, water or juice. The two teens still like their cokes and dr. peppers, but only when we go out (or on their own dime).

Minor lapse

but I plead special occaision. We are on vacation/visiting family and we went to Mystic Seaport the other day. It was rather hot and they had drinks for sale – I was planning on water – but they had some old fashioned cane sugar sodas for sale – root beer, birch beer and my old favorite, cream soda. I split a bottle with my husband for nostalgia’s sake and had water the rest of the day.

I don’t feel badly about having a few sips – I’m not planning on getting back on the Cherry Coke addiction.

I'm not missing soft drinks at all

I have noticed how many times that is the only choice for beverage at a gathering though. No whining – I help myself to some water and I’m happy.

So far

I’m not even missing them.

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