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do everything to make sure a Democrat wins back the white house

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Democrat - 9/16 update

I have been concentrating more on a local congressional race. I should probably retitle this goal, though I still care deeply about the presidential race. I am volunteering at least an hour a week, and plan to increase that amount.

Democrat - 2/10/08 update

I’m not currently doing much. I like Obama and Clinton, and will be happy to campaign for either in the general election, but not the primaries.

I am starting to draft (in my head) a letter to newspapers about my problems with McCain, which I’ll start sending out once both it is refined and his nomination is official.


Balancing this with my other goals could be tough. I worked 20-40 hours a week on the Kerry campaign in 2004, but I still felt guilty because I spent my time in Michigan instead of going to Ohio or Florida as I had planned. This time I don’t have the freedom to travel, but I still need to make sure that I’m active.

I may change this goal to something more quantifiable and achievable along the lines of “spend x hours volunteering”.

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