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Pork chop with CousCous DISASTER

maybe it’s just these stupid locally grown organic pork chops, lol. Why do I try to learn to cook with such expensive ingredients? Anyway, I broiled the pork, and it was a little bit over done (b/c I left it browning too long? But it wasn’t even very brown), but still alright tasting. The couscous, though, BLECH. I think a big part of the problem was that it was super stale. The chopped celery and onions did nothing, and basil and pepper, also nothing. I wonder if my basil has gone stale, too. I really need to clean out the pantry, lol. I am doing it, actually, just one tiny step at a time. I found some bulgar that was over a year old. hmmmmm. gross. Anyway, don’t know what we’re having tonight, but hopefully it will be better :)

Battered Tilapia = Stupid

The package suggested a flour, egg, and milk batter for panfrying, but even with seasoned salt and pepper mixed in, it ended up super bland and the texture was bad. I suppose it was ultimately my fault, but I don’t really know how else I would have done it? maybe twice as much salt and pepper? I think I’ll just dip in egg, then bread crumbs next time. Or not even bother.

But the instant mashed potatoes were alright, lol

Garlic Chicken

A meal that was all done at the same time and tasted ok?? WOOOO! Of course, it was really simple, and the taste definitely lingered at around the ok mark. But in any case, chicken flavored with seasoning salt, garlic powder, and onion powder, cooked in a pan with a little butter (will probably just use spray next time), steamed broccoli and corn. Steaming the corn and broccoli together in the big pot worked really well. Probably could have been steamed a bit less, since I like my veggies pretty close to raw. But they were still good. And goddamn do I love the taste of corn. YUM!

Disaster Pork

Ok, last night’s dinner was something of a disaster. Burned the artichoke and the pork chop caught on fire and there wasn’t enough of it. About the only thing that worked was a fruit plate, lol. My dinner companion described the dip for the artichoke as tasting like “elmer’s glue”. Not good! but we still ate most of the food, so I guess not all was lost. It just sucked because it felt like so much work and there were so many dishes left over.

Oh well, better luck today!

Love me two times baby

Made some chicken yesterday, cooked 2 thin cut breasts in a pan, just sprinkled with Chicken Fajita seasoning from a jar. I did pretty good! The meat was tender and juicy but still cooked all the way through.

I ate the first breast with what I am calling “Fucked up Onions” which is a quarter onion (roughly) peeled into its natural slices and then put in a hot pan so that the centers get dark brown, and then flipped so the edges get dark brown, and the rest is various degrees of done. Each piece is a different amount of done because of the different sizes. I think they look cool and taste pretty good, too. I don’t know if they are as good as just sauteed though…

Second one I reheated with some sort of made up fruit compote thing, which was some raisins, diced onion, and apricot jelly seasoned with ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon, also put into the microwave. When it was hot, I stirred in some sunflower seeds (no shells) and walnut pieces, and then dumped it over the chicken. It smelled delicious, but it just tasted ok. Not stunning or anything. But it was easy and I didn’t grown about eating it. Also, total prep/cooking time: 5 minutes. Can’t beat that.


So I have this thing against recipes that I think I need to get over at least a little bit. So I am going to try to cook something from a recipe at least once a week. Maybe that will help my cooking improve :)

now to find a chicken recipe that looks good.

2 pepper scramble??

Making up fancy names makes things sound better, but not necessarily taste better. My scramble today was kind of bland, perhaps because I added 2 egg whites, and only used one whole egg. I normally only use one egg, and I ended up with far too much stuff on my plate this time, so screw those egg whites >:[

Anyway, the red pepper I bought was really mild, even more mild than the bell pepper! Next time I need to go up a notch I guess. Also, couldn’t even taste the goat cheese I threw in there, which is weird because it’s not like any other flavor was over powering, but in any case, all the calories of cheese with none of the flavor? what a rip off.

Not sure what I need to do differently with this dish next time. Adding a little bit of salt would probably help, but I don’t want to use too much. Don’t know why the onion and bell pepper didn’t add more taste, maybe I cooked them too long? But they weren’t mushy or anything. Ah well, at least the bread from the bakery was good!

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