Queen Esther in New York City is doing 25 things including…

go to Cuba

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taking action

i just sent an email to someone at planet cuba with all my pertinent information – http://www.planetcuba.com – so we’ll see what develops.

i’m hoping that my art can get me there.

cuba, i love you

i have been daydreaming about going to cuba for i don’t know how long. i don’t know why. i think i’m fascinated by the way it seems to be trapped in a bygone era. perhaps i think some part of me belongs in the 50’s, at least visually. i want to learn how to speak spanish with a cuban accent. i want to sing cuban songs. i want to wander the streets and see the vintage and the decay and hear the sounds of the people before fidel dies and they turn all of it into a strip mall. if i keep putting it off, it will never happen. every summer, i say i’m going but i don’t do anything to make it happen. my life rushes in. responsibilities. whatever. time to stop dreaming. time to wake up and make my dream come true.

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