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make movies

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i’m making little movies with my camera right now. they’re only two minutes long but i’ve found a website that will let me upload them and show them to the world, once i’ve learned how to edit them on my laptop. i can even put them on my blog, which is a total kick in the head for me. there’s quite a few videosites, actually: youtube.com, videoegg.com, boltfolio.com. wow. the world is such an open book for anyone that’s got the balls to delve into it.

i’m getting quicktime pro this weekend and spending my winter hibernation figuring it out and shooting more things as they happen to me. (what i really need is a camera that takes pictures and shoots video, too.) once i’ve got a dozen little movies on my website page at youtube.com, i’ll consider this goal accomplished.

what a lovely hobby i’ve found. it’s wonderful, to mess with visuals and make little moments come alive over and over again. i am having so much fun with this…

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