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Done a lot of this, and its nice not to have to worry about new clothes, etc. and just spend my money on enjoying myself with other people.


My next social event will be a BBQ with john and party in the park with agnes. Will be amazing. I can’t believe I’m having not one but two (albeit joint) celebrations for my day of birth.


Done a lot of this and its really the best remedy. Only last week I organised my first social thing with people from my course with a great turnout of twelve and only a few dissappointments. But completely worth it. Well happy with myself about this!

Problems with meeting people I'd share interests with:--

To go to club nights/events/exhibitions/music things such as cough cool, crystal nights &c. &c. &c. I need friends to go with who would be interested. All my friends can’t be bothered with this kind of thing/find it pretentious/ leave early/ act awkward. John is impatient and prefers to do more solipsistic activities that do not involve social interaction. Jahed is shy and unlikely to attempt to make new friends in a new environment. Selina would come if I persuaded her but when I’m with her I find it easy to go off by myself and she’s not good for making new friends, or less I feel like if we’re meeting up I should be spending my time with her. The only one who it works to go out with is Osama. Even with him, he generally knows someone everywhere, but ussually just looking for hot girls.


I have done a lot of this lately, at the expense of my academic work maybe. Anyway, went to so many of those post grad fun things, even though they are getting a lesser turnout and the fact that I didn’t last very long today. Going to Sean’s cocktail party tomorrow and might also try to get in a film before. Finally, been went to the film/fashion show thing. It wasn’t very good. But had drinks with Sam before/during/after and that was worthwhile.


went to francophone society, went to soas film society and tomorrow will be going to this fashion/film show thing. moreover, going to aim to start attending ronojoy/lily’s party things. Got to swallow my pride and go, alone, possibly.


Going out much more so thats good, definite improvement in my confidence. Only error is the social faux pas but nobody’s perfect.


been out three times in the last week aiming for 4-5 outings a week but without drinking.


I’ve realised in the last couple of days to be a bit more wise with the jokes side of things. like try not to be too offensive or put anyone done, even if they do that to you. finally, to use good jokes, teabags is funny but a bit odd. oh well.


going to hannah’s party on sat, japan soc, mountain climbing, french soc and soas party. roll on good times.


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