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be comfortable in my own skin


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Hot guy paid for my food

A really cute guy paid for my dinner last night.

I think its happening ;)

Someone loving you

Having someone who knows you very well and is also in love with you and admires you helps a lot. I usually don’t like to say things that involve other people making you feel good, but we are social creatures. Having loving support system is necessary or in the very least helps you be incredibly comfortable with you are faster.

It gets better and better

I’m adding this to my list because I always thought I was comfy in my skin, but as I get older, I am surprised how much more and more I get.

And this comfort idea needs to go beyond self-image and social interactions. I sometimes get discouraged, procrastinate, wish I had so-and-so-successful-person as a friend to help me - I have to internalize that everyone feels screwed up and you have to keep going. This is really hard for me.


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