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I haven’t lost a pound in three weeks. I was doing so well, but then I got uninspired. Meow. I have been running though. I did a 5K last week, and have been running a bit this week.

Oh to find the inpriation to NOT eat scones in the morning. I love scones. And they love me.


terrible terrible past few days. i have not been motivated for three weeks and i have not lost a pound for three weeks. At least I ran today. OH my gosh I am so so so hoping that tomorrow I can do better!!!!!

so tired

Oh my gosh i didn’t run again. I have been painting my living room, and with a two year old I can’t even start until bed time for her. SO I am not getting enough sleep at all and then i don’t exercise and its harder to not eat sweets. Today i only had one little .5 cups of ice cream Not so bad!!!

It is getting close to my sisters wedding, but if i just loose 5 more pounds for that I will be really happy!


today i was not the total pig i was the last three days. everything is easier at work for me.

yay! i am hoping for 2 pounds next weeek…..i think i can do it!!!


I was a big pig this week!
At least I ran during the week. I finsihed a 5K this weekend. Yay! Oh my gosh i just need a little bit more motivation for next week….

I hate spam

but on a good note i FINALLY ran three miles. i am excited!!! however, i ate key lime pie and potato chips with dinner which really messes up the weight watchers points. now i have like NO extra points for the weekend. I have tried 80 billion crazy things to loose weight and only three things have done it for me are:
1) Play rugby and eat whatever you want (seriosuly i ate 4000 calories a day and was in a bikini)
2) live in a hotel room (paid by the government), with a kitchen, that does your grocery shopping for you, and have the gym right across the street and you don’t really know anyone so you might as well go to the gym every single day and cook super healty food
2) weight watchers


OMG its still 90 and humid and its 8:30 maybe I wont run after all. Ugh! At least I NEVER want to eat when it is hot out!


I am down 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Today was kind of bad, I used up half of my extra ww points in one day. :(
I really hope i loose 2 more this week because then I promised myself a massage at the spa. YAY massage at the spa!!!!!!!!

I swear the one thing that has been saving me these days are the frozen bags of veggies, olive oil, and garlic salt. Easy to fix and they fill you up! I tell you what though, the french fries were much yummier!!!!

MAN i need some ideas for motivation!!!


I’m back. Well, yay and not yay. I was almost down to my highschool weight the last time I was here but then I had a baby. So I am back. Is ANYONE out there trying Weight Watchers? I am. So far so good.

I used to exercize…but with a new job and a little one I never seem to be motivated.

So far I’ve lost 6 pounds….20 more to go….

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