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master cleanse


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rainbow888 has written 3 entries about this goal

it was definatly the right salt ...

holy crap, literally! it was the right stuff :) day one is going okay, i want some fresh squeezed orange juice, but i will settle for water and LA.
PS I’m getting my wisdom teeth out on day eight … any suggestions? i wont be able to eat anyways, & i dont plan on taking the tylenol threes … any advice is welcome

HELP!!! i dont want to drink this if its the wrong stuff!

i know i know … what a failure! hahaha anyways i’ve got all the ingredients this time, & before i start .. is
Coarse Sea Salt the salt I am looking for? it does not say whether its iodized or not all it is says is “natural occuring iodine only”? I also got the Senna Leaf Tea, the lady at the health food store laughed when i asked “this is a laxative tea right?” I think im in for a surprise!!
Thanks guys!

Day One

im new here :) & i’ve tried numerous times to do the master cleanse but always giving into something else tempting me. i’ll be honest, i want to loose weight .. but i’d also like to experience the true cleanse & see how much my body is storing in those nasty intestines.
So day 1 is going well, despite the nasty headache and thoughts of what food i could be eating (feeding my horse an apple & im so tempted to take a bite) im going to drink some lax. tea tonight & do a swf in the am if i can get some advice ..
non-iodized salt? is coarse pickling salt the same thing?
Please let me know! Thanks folks

Wish me luck :)

edit @ 10:40
still going strong hooray for me. so i shall go to the bulk food store and get some of that salt, no use drinking some crap if im not even sure its the right stuff right?
i drank the lax tea & does it ever taste nasty, kind of like liquorice booze, sick. it hasn’t kicked in yet. im really not that hungry but i do have headache, the only thing that kills me when i fast.
bring it on day two …


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