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Even my 2 year lopsided tan LOL

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So when we went to the zoo I purposely wore a tank top so I can even out this tan. I knew we would be in the direct sun light all day and I didn’t care about a sun burn. I only regret forgetting to bring my sun block lotion so what’s already tan on me wouldn’t get tanner. So I got a little of a sunburn on my shoulders which is what I needed. It’s not all the way there yet but it’s better than how it was before. whew!

And I got a picture to prove it.

Well I finally went outside today to get some tan and the sun kept coming and going. I don’t think I got much but I did try to speed up the process by putting sunscreen on what has already been tanned, then I put baby oil on the parts I need to have tanned. I wasn’t out there for long but at least I got a start. I am CONVINCED that my skin is permanently marked as this color. That sun burn was around 2 years ago and I still have the tan from it let alone you can definitely see where the sun hit…. and where it didn’t! Oy.

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