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rainbowphoenix has written 55 entries about this goal

Feb 2013

I’ve lost 8lbs since the first of the year.

March weigh in

My weight has fluctuated a lot this month. Today, I am -6 for the year. That puts me back to where I was when I weighed in here last month. I track weekly at http://www.sparkpeople.com/mypage.asp


I’ve lost 6lbs this year. My one piece of effort: eat every 3 hours (2-3 hours). It keeps up the metabolism rate. I ate ridiculously but still lost 1.8lbs this week.

reinforcement (WW)

I joined weight watchers on Monday. The goal is to lose 12 lbs in 12 weeks.

July check in

I have lost 1lb since the beginning of June, -13 for the year.


June’s weight is the same for May—-0 for the month, -12 for the year. I’m glad about the -12 but disappointed to see that I haven’t lost anything recently. Why the plateau? :/

May check in

I’ve lost 3 lbs since April, -12 for the year. This makes me happy. My goal has kind of been altered to lost 10-30 lbs. Thus, I’ve completed something :).

April check in

-2 since March; -9 for the year

March check in

-2 from Feb; -7 for the year :D.

31 goods

“TODAY” apparently didn’t happen that day. Let me get on. What good have I done?

Yesterday, (28) I went to the gym after work. I really didn’t want to go. I tried to justify going home by saying I had time to go to the gym the following morning since I didn’t have to be at work until noon. I pushed past the resistance though and showed up. (29) The treadmills were full when I got there. I decided to do weights first and try again at the end. Instead of lifting weights with cold muscles, I rode the bicycle for 5 minutes to warm up. That had the potential of adding 5 minutes to my overall workout time. (30) The treadmills were STILL full once I got done lifting weights. I thought about going home, but rode the bike for another 20 minutes instead. (31) Yesterday morning, I ate instant oatmeal with added flax seed for breakfast.

You want to hear the bad? I ate a bunch of sweets after dinner—67 calories in cupcakes, 2 toostie rolls, 1 now and later, a 100 cal snickers bar, 1 russel stover chocolate—I didn’t bother to check my blood sugar before bed. Last night was not a good step towards living to 50 without dialysis.

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