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For the last 2 weeks, I have avoided facebook on Tuesday & Thursdays. That can save like 1-2 hours per week.


Tuesday, I noticed that I had wasted quite a bit of time checking e-mail-n-such in the evening. Wednesday, I didn’t check my accounts. I figure I can check one per weekday at home but I don’t really need to do much more than that. Checking each account can take 30 minutes by itself without me even replying to anything! I have too many accounts!


Having good internet at work might actually be helping with this. I check my e-mail there twice during the day and I’m less inclined to hop on my computer once i get home. I still tend to check before bed, but I swear that’s less than before.

hopeful for love or something?

I did a really bad job of this this week. okcupid did me in. I answered lots of questions and messaged a few people. Maybe I’ll be under control for the new week. Maybe.


I’ve been fairly well lately.


I actually did good this week. Mostly, it’s because I’ve been tired and doing stuff online would take up more time that could be put towards getting to bed. BUT, the trick of the system is to spend one day focused on checking hotmail mail and the next checking yahoo. Having so many e-mail accounts mostly does not work to my advantage.


This is not going well. In fact, I joined ANOTHER online site. Actually, 2. One is for weight loss. The other is me going back to one I quit. I will quit again. Eventually.


My issues:
1. I sign in to check my e-mail too much, mainly yahoo & hotmail. Too much= 3=5 times a day. I don’t necessarily read it. I just look.

2. Myspace.

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