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be in a band

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Found a band

We had our first meeting tonight & discussed songs we would start with.. We have our first rehearsal next week. Whoo!

I wonder

Should i even have this goal.. I actually cant think of how it would be possible for me to have enough time to be in a band if all my other plans actually come together.. i guess its just something id like to try and do on the side..just have a cover band and reherse like once a week and gig a few times a year even if its just for parties of people we know.. maybe i should put an add on gumtree??


This could actually happen, I’m meeting a guy this week about starting a punk band which is good cause I’m real pissed off about shit & I’m just a ill bit weird.. But perhaps I want fame to much to be punk? Not that I care I’m going for it anyway!


the last week has only made me want this more. I’ve been lucky enough to see oasis and the foo fighters this week and will be going to homebake tomorrow. AAAAHHHH. I want to be up there

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