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Do NaNoWriMo

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Do Nanowrimo

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DONE!! 50,111

I can’t believe it’s done. 50,111 words. At the end when I finished the story, I was only 35 words short. So it wasn’t hard to add a few extra sentences and adjectives here and there.

I’ve been writing for 15 hours today. I’m having a glass of wine and then I’m going to bed.


Just passed 40,000 words

woohoo!! was up til 12:30 last night writing and first thing I thought about this morning was my main character sitting on the couch waiting for me to wake up so he could finish telling his story!


Yesterday I wrote 9,268 words! I joined the ‘black friday 10000 words’ thing for tomorrow – 50K still seems so far away but I’m gonna finish. Hopefully the next character that dies off won’t be me!! okay, gotta go…get my word count up! good luck everyone!!

I am SO behind

I started writing Friday night, and was on a roll, and then…I don’t know what happened, it’s almost like my story started creating some things in the universe, my real universe, that were eerily coincidental. Crazy, weird. I must be getting too obsessed in my story.

But I don’t know now if I can finish. I am only at 24,088, and only nine days left :(

It's starting to come together

6 days, 8361 words, lame plot, but I’m writing :)

I just signed up

I have no idea what I’m in for…but I’ve always wanted to write a novel…so here goes.

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