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100 Kiva Loans

Today I finally made it! The 100th loan was to a woman in Togo who sells charcoal. Her name is Amele and this is her first loan, she wants to expand her business. Togo is the 10th poorest country in world in 2012. Hopefully, this little bit helps.

My goal is complete, but I will continue to fund more Kiva loans. I’ve made loans to people all over the world – in 56 different countries. I learned a lot about them and the people, about their lives, their struggles, and their goals. I hope what I shared with them made a difference in their lives, to make it a little easier, a little better, and more filled with hope to realize their dreams.

This has been very worthwhile.

93 Loans

I’m almost there, only 7 more to go.

84 Loans

I made another five loans today.

79 Loans

I’m going to re-read the person’s story of every loan I made and learn something about their country. I only have 21 more loans to go before reaching 100. Someday it would be nice to meet some of them in person.

74 loans

74 – Tursun is 62 years old, a widow. Tursun was able to grow her business to currently have twenty heads of rams, nine cows and one horse. Tursun sells dairy products, such as milk, kefir, sour-cream, cottage cheese, and meat at the central market in the town of Uzgen. This loan is to purchase additional heads of livestock and fodder and invest the profits into further increasing livestock headcount through a purchase of a breeding stallion, and wants to build an additional barn in the future.

67 – Johnson Githinji is a 68-year-old widower from Kenya with three adult children. He has been in the farming business for the past six years with a monthly income of about Kes 8,000 which he uses to support his family. Johnson will use the loan to buy seedlings and fertilizer for his farm. With the anticipated profit from the business he will open a retail shop for his son. His hopes and dreams are to buy a piece of land and build rental houses.


43 Loans

43 Burundi – did you know the avg annual income for people in this country is $400/yr; loan is to buy telecom products to expand his business; he is married and has 4 children.
42 Azerbaijan – avg annual income in this country is $6,700; loan is to buy seeds and organic fertilizer for his crops of wheat/corn/fruits and vegetables
41 Sierra Leone – avg annual income $903/yr; loan is to buy petrol products for sale
40 Iraq – avg annual income $3,600; loan is to buy more grain inventory to sell

39 loans

I made another loan today, for fertilizer for a coffee plantation.

35 so far

I made four more loans last night.

31 Kiva Loans

I made 12 more loans today, which brings it up to 31 loans in 31 countries.

18 KIVA loans so far

I’ve lent money to people in Columbia, Nicaragua, Burundi, Ghana, Indonesia, Krygystan, and many other places. It just feels so good to do this.

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