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pay off credit cards

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$500 left.

So little… but too much for me to pay off in one go, yet. Soon!

New year's resolution.

My last credit card is $878. My resolution is to pay it off before my maternity leave starts in August.


Under $1K of credit card debt left! I haven’t posted on this goal for a long time because I was paying off higher interest dental bills and some other expensive debts as well as starting to build savings.


ATT: 1352
Chase: 0
BofA: 0

I feel like a huge weight is lifting because ALL of my high interest credit card debt is GONE!!! My last card has very low interest on it, so even though I’m dying to finally click on the “I’m done” button, I’m going to let it float for a while so I can accelerate paying off my (much higher interest) dental bills, which by now I’ve paid down to $785. I have been struggling with this for sooooo long, I can’t even believe how the debt seems to be disappearing so quickly.


Chase: 830
ATT: 967
BofA: 0

I worked fewer hours, but still managed to get below $1,800 this month.


BofA: 0
Chase: 907
ATT: 1002

My husband took out a loan to consolidate most of his credit card debt, and paid off my BofA card. Once I knock out my Chase card and my dental bills, I’m going to help pay that loan (with both of us working on it, should be paid off within 2 years, easy).


Bofa: 555
Chase: 920
ATT: 1002

Yeah payday! I am getting ruthless paying off the BofA card. My total CC debt is now less than what the balance on the BofA card was in January ($2500). My New Year’s resolution was to have less than $2K in CC debt, and now I’m thinking I can do that by August/early September (I keep going over my “numbers” in delighted disbelief!).


BofA: 605
Chase: 902
ATT: 1017

I rolled loose change and took it to the bank and deposited it today, and was able to pay down an extra big chunk this month. Ha! Who says it’s not worth saving pennies. (And nickels, and dimes, and quarters…)


BofA: 750
Chase: 920
ATT: 1020

Below $2,700! Every hundred I pay off feels like a triumph.


BofA: 861
Chase: 898
ATT: 1030

My total dropped under $2,800 this paycheck… and I took advantage of a transfer offer from the ATT card that I’d just paid off… I transferred a chunk from the Bofa card to the ATT card. Now, instead of paying 24.9% interest on that portion of debt, I’m paying only 5.9% for the life of the balance. The BofA card is the highest interest debt I have now, so I’m going to knock that out next.

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