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Use my stuff 2012

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I read six books so far. They were recently acquired so I’m proud of that. Usually they just lie around until I get to them.


I got a set of new beads which I started using right away instead of hoarding like I usually do.


6. My navy blue maxi skirt which I seldom wear


6. My navy blue maxi skirt which I seldom wear


3. My black t-shirt with the monkey riding the ostrich
4. My pink sweater
5. My teal handbag


2. I used my snakeskin printed scarf today

Shopping my closet/ house

I’ve fallen back into my old habit of not using my stuff. I use and wear the same things over and over again while I have a growing pile of never used items and items which I used only once. The main categories are clothes/accessories and books/magazines. I have a lot of craft books and magazines which I don’t really use. I want to wear all my clothes and evaluate why it is I haven’t worn them. I know that some haven’t been worn because I can’t wear them to work (where I spend a lot of time). I’ll be donating the ones I don’t wear in December.

I no longer have too much stationery. I had set a plan not to buy any this year until I have used up what I have. I have lots of notepads and drawing books but I need new pens now.

1. Rolling Stones tank top

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