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quit letting people get to me

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This is such a hard thing for me to accomplish.
Various people come in and out of my life, some I just can’t STAND.
Things they’ll say bother me, or their attitude.
When I should feel like i’m the better person by ignoring it.
It still eats at me, no matter how hard I try to let it go.
One day I just say to myself

‘I’m not going to let this person bother me today’
But it still somehow does.


It’s really hard to explain how people get to me.
Especially whenever I told someone that something was bothering me, they’d just automatically say ‘GET OVER IT

Should I also mention that i’ve been told by a handful of friends (two or three in about three years) what I SHOULD post and what I SHOULDN’T post? I feel censored and controlled and I don’t like it.

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