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Celebrate being single while I'm single

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Single again...

I am holding out for someone who has less of an alcohol problem than me. :)

The Challenge

My single friends and I have what we call a “10/2 challenge” – dating 10 new guys within 2 months. It’s a way for us to meet new people without “interviewing for a new husband.”

In the past 5 days, I had 4 first dates and a second date. I’m a bit of an overachiever. LOL I have 2 second dates and a 3rd date in the next week. I’m having a blast and meeting some great people.

I'm trying to decide between...

Just letting Valentine’s Day pass unobtrusively


Treating myself and my son to a day of all-out, heart-filled, chocolate and roses extravaganza


my Very First Valentine’s Day Alone…in 25 years.

What I love about being single: February 4, 2009 edition

I had roasted garlic for dinner tonight and there’s no one here to complain. :D

I can invite whoever I want to the theater now that I’ve moved on from my “transition man.”

I don’t have to share unless I want to.

I don’t have to consult anyone about my finances.

I am completely in charge of my life.

Going out...

...with a girlfriend tonight to get some dinner and catch up.

It’s nice to be single and be able to set my own schedule, including not getting out of bed until I’m good and ready.

My bedroom

The other night…

I celebrated…

Low light, Dar Williams on my new iHome, a lavender candle suffusing the room with scent, clean cotton sheets, new pillow, warm comforter, glass of wine, and a good book.

Does it get any better than that?

Dating is fun.

Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!


Top 5 things I loved about being single this weekend

Let’s celebrate!

(Christmas week is not the easiest…)

5. Reading the newspaper for over an hour and not worrying about anyone else getting bored
4. Meeting someone new on eHarmony.
3. Napping on the couch without the TV on and without being judged.
2. Shoveling the snow on my timetable.
1. And the best thing I loved about being single this weekend was….Knowing my kids are happier now.

This isn't very celebratory

But man, I’m missing physical affection. Hugs from my kids are nice, but not quite the same thing.

OK, back to the regularly scheduled celebration.

Being single isn't much fun...

...around the holidays. :-(

I’m having a rough day today.

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