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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)

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54 + 55

feel my baby kick inside
see my pregnant belly in the mirror


snow in Amsterdam and hearing the kids outside having a snow ball fight

49 - 52

- swimming
- silly Helge-Schneider-songs (“Supersexy Käsebrot”, for example)
- eating al fresco
- seeing greebs with fish in their beaks and their young on their backs

44 - 48

- brandnew knickers
- the smell of clean laundry (especially pillow cases)
- my new gum shield which prevents me from grinding my teeth to small stumps while being asleep
- being found by and reconnecting with an American mate of mine I knew 17 years ago during my exchange year in Pennsylvania
- getting my bf to help me with my secret plan to super-glue a memorial plaque to the canal bridge where Rose used to live (he’s my kind of a non-conformist!)

43. (!)

decorating my christmas tree and smelling its resin’s scent filling the house


pasting stamps on greeting card envelopes, knowing that the recipient of the envelope will be happy to get it.


Singing loudly along the “Little Shop of Horrors” tape.
Note to self: find tape, or better, buy CD!!!


my new sports bra

Seriously, I never thougth that it would make such a difference. I’m not huge. Still, I can run without the uncomfortable feeling, frontally. Yay!


catching a leaf falling from a tree before it touches the ground

it’s even better if I catch it while cycling

37, 38

getting e-mails from friends and family
getting new pictures from my friends’ and sister’s babies and see them grow from afar

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