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declare 26/06 - 02/07 Flower Avatar Week

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Noon in Amsterdam

In my timezone, the last 12 hours have just started. As the avatar week fades out, I’d like to thank everybody who took part by adopting this goal, using flower avatars, or both. This was really fun. All the floral pictures and the cheerful, sometimes sentimental entries on peoples flowers was so much more than absnasm and I were even imagining when we got going last Sunday. I certainly was smiling at my screen a lot more than usual.
And now I’m off to my garden. Maybe I will take some pictures. But more likely, I will burn to a crisp.

Half time!

Join while it lasts: The one and only Flower Avatar Week! It’s halftime, Thursday, so another 3 and a half days to go on the most floral goal of all times! Let your favourite flower be your face this week!

y'all might want to know...

...that we are 1 person short of having the most successful Avatar Week ever.
We have beaten “lose weight” for a day by having 129 people sign to this goal vs “lose weight” having only 40. My subscribers know how “lose weight” is my pet hate goal, so yessss!!! Just for one day, flowers outrank the scales!

another 12 people...

...and the Flower Avatar Week is more successful than the Hasselhoff Avatar Week back in Febuary.
I realise I said this isn’t about statistics, but we might as well have the most successful avatar week, yet. It will take time until the next one kicks off in the distant future…
So come on, if you haven’t adopted this goal yet, it’s never too late to join a crazy avatar week! And y’all must admit: We are the prettiest website on the web this week!

YES! 43 people are doing this!

43 flowers are making 43things the prettiest sight on the WWW this week. The Zeitgeist never looked so botanical!

I wish I could cheer everybody...

but I have run out of cheer-love.
So I salute all you flower bearers out there and hope you enjoy the sights just as much as I do. This goal alone looks so pretty! I wonder how some of the threads look like this week, like a virtual meadow…

Keep spreading the flower love!

I am thrilled to see that from 6 people doing this when I left work last night, till this morning the goal has grown to 37 people!

Come on 43Ters!

Be happy flowers this week! Let’s spread the lurv and all be happy little flowers and make all threads look lush this week!

redbandita has gotten 16 cheers on this goal.


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