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Fund micro-loans through

3 cheers


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Now that I have done this,...

...I am changing goals to post along with other 43ers who have the goal to Fund 43 microloans through
You can find me there.

It's my birthday!

And my colleagues gave me a gift certificate for a kiva loan (like I asked them).
can’t wait to pick a business to invest in.
I also got a colleague make a double take on my gift certificate, as most people get something for themselves, like a voucher for a bookstore or the likes.
So maybe I even got another person interested in lending with this?

Nancy in Equador... her loan paid out.
I wish her all the best with her investment.


It’s official, I’m a loaner.
I gave two loans of $25 and donated $5 to help run the site.
My first loan went to a lady called Mansouratou Lawani, mother of 5, who has a bakery in Cotonou, Benin.
My second loan was given to Nancy Yupa, a 25 year old mother of 4 children, who owns a little convenience store in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

This is so exciting!

When I get my credit card,...

...this will be my first “purchase”. A Kiva loan. I can’t wait.
I’ve also decided that my work birthday present will be a Kiva loan. We always ask the birthday person what they want in advance, so instead of getting a gift certificate for a book store etc., this year I will aks for a loan certificate. Weeeeeee!

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