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Thanksgiving was the capper

I cooked an entire Thanksgiving feast with a delicious turkey, which after counting up my entries equals ten excellent meals or recipes that I have learned how to make. There are actually more than I have listed here- I’ve become quite the recipe collector (enough that I got my own 3-ring book for them over Christmas).

Hooray for finished goals!

doing good this year on this

a VERY successful sausage and macaroni and cheese casserole that all the boys thought was delicious.

Chicken and dumplings from scratch. YUM.

A homemade peach cobbler from scratch.

A banana bread (enh… a little too gooey for me).

not a meal

but tried a recipe for baked apples with cinnamon that was much simpler than I thought it would be (minus the peeling and coring parts). A nice and healthy treat for a cold Sunday night to enjoy before crawling under the blankets.

Six is done

Delicious tex-mex corn chowder- with red peppers. Super fast to cook when you cheat and buy the carton of corn cream broth from the Whole Foods- just mix in some actual corn and heat. After it’s all heated up, add some chopped red peppers, tomatoes and onions, a little Cayenne pepper, parsley for looks, and shredded cheese if you’re feeling cheesey. The cool vegetables and the hot soup are great together, and it’s light enough to not overstuff you, but warm enough for cold weather. Success!

Number 5 down

And I invented it myself. Chicken with taco flavoring served on brown rice, corn, and fresh tomatoes and onions. It was so good, I made another serving the next day to taste it again. Five more to go!

Recipe number four is a winner

Spinach fettuccine with ham, broccoli, diced onions, and shredded Monterey Jack cheese. I had a huge helping last night… and it was delicious. The original recipe called for cheddar sauce, but I decided sprinkling the cheese was a much better choice and saved a lot in the way of fatty glop. Yum!

I can make wontons

like a champ. I discovered during experimentation for the tot cook off. My potato, spinach, artichoke, and cheese wontons went quickly and were absolutely delicious. That officially counts.

In other experimentation, I made a divine lasagna from scratch that most def counts.

dishes I've tried thus far

-Hungarian goulash (actually quite good)

-Cheesey Chicken Enchilasagna (also yummy, but very similar to a casserole I already make all the time)

- Cheeseburger Casserole (blech): and led to my giving up casseroles as acceptable results for this goal: a little too Betty Crocker for my taste.

This weekend a friend of mine’s birthday will be celebrated with a tater tot themed cook-off (he gave them up and lost 25 pounds) and beer. Any suggestions on unique, non-casserole tater tot cuisine. Points are given for taste, presentation, and best use of mystery ingredient.

Working on this one with Savingdinner.com

Every week I get six new recipes with a grocery list to match. In a few weeks I should have some great meals under my belt. So far, mostly delicious- and I’m fairly picky. Highly recommended.

I can do all the boring old standards

chicken and casseroles and what have you- what I really want is to learn how to make new things, “signature recipes.” The kind of things that people ask you to bring to potlucks because you’re the only one who makes such a good whatever. It’s time to start surfing the online recipe sites for some sort of beginning- then I can add in my own secret ingredients and have meals.

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