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spend lots of time with my niece

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Spending Time With My Niece

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My niece lives in Seattle (w/ her parents) and is a brand-new baby, born in March. Since we live in Cincinnati, we’ve only met her once, but we’re trying to move out to Seattle to be closer to her & other family.
I want to spend lots of time with her as she grows and teach her about being a confident, well-adjusted woman in today’s world. (Her parents are going to teach her many things too, of course, but I’d like to give her my point of view of the world, too).
And of course, I want to be the “cool” aunt and spoil her rotten!
I want to mentor her, be close with her, have lots of fun with her, and be a trusted adult confidant. (I think every kid needs a close parental-like figure who’s not their parent to ask questions to that they might not be comfortable asking their parents about).
I’ve never had a niece or nephew yet, so I’m super excited about my first niece!

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