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Try Every Poptart Flavor Out There

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O.o first entry

Alright, so I’m only trying every Kellogg’s poptart out there (flavor wise) to make listing easier.
so here’s a list of every known poptart out there (not including gobars) I do not distinguish between wholegrain and lowfat. I will update the list every so often if I see a new flavor. So here’s the list:

1. Apple Cinnamon
2. Apple Strudel
3. Blueberry (Frosted)
4. Blueberry (Unfrosted)
5. Brown Sugar Cinnamon (Frosted)
6. Brown Sugar Cinnamon (Unfrosted)
7. Cheese Danish
8. Cherry (Frosted)
9. Chocolate Chip
10. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
11. Chocolate Crème Vanilla (Frosted)
12. Chocolate Fudge (Frosted)
13. Cinnamon Roll
14. Cookies and Crème (Frosted)
15. Double Berry (Frosted)
16. Double Berry Strawberry
17. Dulce de Leche NEW
18. Frosted Raspberry
19. Gingerbread [Limited Edition…undetermined if it will be released again] who knew?
20. Guava Mango NEW
21. Hot Chocolate
22. Hot Fudge Sundae
23. Mint Chocolate Chip
24. Printed Fun Barbie Printed Fun Sparkleberry
25. Printed Fun Barbie Wildberry
26. Printed Fun Hot wheels Cinna-Mach 1 Brown Sugar Cinnamon
27. Printed Fun Knock Knock Jokes Frosted Berry Who?
28. Printed Fun Trivial Pursuit Frosted Strawberry
29. S’Mores (Frosted)
30. Splitz Chocolate Strawberry
31. Splitz Chocolate Vanilla
32. Splitz Strawberry Blueberry
33. Strawberry (Frosted)
34. Strawberry (Unfrosted)
35. Strawberry Milkshake (Frosted)
36. Vanilla Milkshake (Frosted)
37. Wildberry (Frosted)

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