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drink less soda

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Brooke has written 7 entries about this goal

Changing the goal

I’m switching from “stop drinking soda” to “drink less soda”, which I admit is still quite vague. If I go without it completely for a month, I’ll consider this goal complete. Alternatively, if I just cut back my consumption to something like two cans a week and can maintain that for a few months, that would be good too. Given that I’m drinking at least two cans a day lately, anything would be a start, at least.

3 cans of Diet Pepsi today

Obviously, I’m not trying very hard to achieve this goal right now. :)

Too vague

I don’t seriously intend to do without soda for the rest of my life, so I need to rephrase this goal to something achievable, like “don’t drink any soda for a month” or something similar.

Falling back into old habits

Keeping the stuff out of the house has been helping, but this morning I bought a Mountain Dew from the vending machine at work. I do notice it has more of an effect now that I don’t drink it everyday.

Not going completely without caffeine

I had some Diet Pepsi with lunch at Dos Hermanos yesterday. Even though I’d only gone 9 days without caffeine, that was enough time for it to actually affect me again. I was rather wired for a bit that afternoon.

However, I haven’t had anything today, so I like to think I’m still winning. I’m not sure how long I should go without before I count this goal as a success. A month? A year?

Caffeine free since Friday

I drank my last can of Citrus Drop to get going on Thursday morning and haven’t bought a new case yet. If I make it through tomorrow it will be a full week. Admittedly, I had some root beer on Monday and last night I had a 7-up, but my main weakness is the caffeinated sugar water.

I have an early meeting on Friday, so I won’t be upset if I have caffeine that day. Of course, if I don’t have any soda in the house, I won’t be very likely to drink it, since most of my consumption happens in the morning while getting ready to face the day.

I'm hooked on Mountain Dew (and knockoffs)

I give it up every so often, but I get cranky as the caffiene gets out of my system. Generally an early meeting drives me back to it.

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