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finish my mother's shawl

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Holey setbacks

While the shawl was in storage, moths got to it and ate a couple of holes. I’ve put it in and out of the freezer to kill any eggs, but I’ll have to fix the damage before I can finish the shawl. I just don’t have the heart to work on it right now.

Spinning and unknitting

I think I have enough yarn spun and plied to complete it now, and if I don’t, I still have plenty of fiber left. I started unravelling the end of the shawl this weekend. The yarn on that part is crappy since I was using the dregs of my supply. It’ll look much nicer with the new stuff. I just hope I can find my place in the lace pattern.

Not much happening

My parents are coming to visit this weekend. I had been hoping to have the shawl ready by now, but life got in the way.

I'm spinning again

I pulled out my wheel and bag of fiber and did a bit of spinning this weekend. Finally, I’m making progress again!

Orenburg lace shawl

I’ve been working on it off and on for a couple of years now. I need to spin some more yarn and get knitting like mad. Her birthday is in June. If I’m really productive, I might be able to finish it by then.

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