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signed up at choy lee fut kung fu. It’s almost killing me, I love it. done, done! & done-r


Best laid plans of Mice & Men

were fornicated with. I was invited into L2 of Qi Qong classes which means if this works I’ll be training with the Grand Master in a year. So Choy Li Fut Kung fu it is… My fave anyhow! Just in time for Lion dancing for Chinese New year.


yippee starting tomorrow. Extreme Jiu Jitsu unless the best laid plans of mice & men are fornicated with….


okay this week.

Well it all got held up a bit- I dropped my bike on some loose dirt and hurt my toe- of ALL THINGS! So I’m tossing up between a few months of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu & boxing or straight into Choy Li Fut, I think it may do me good to stretch the rubber band. But motorcycling after you’ve been suplexed is something I can’t imagine. So I’ll think about it and decide by Friday.

getting there

In the past I’ve trained in ho Hswing Do, Choy Li Fut, Wing Chun and various….

I haven’t trained for some years & due to a shit storm of stress I’ve been lax however- i saw my Sifu about 3 months ago and he told me to train in Qi Qong which I’ve been doing now for 3 months to raise my general fitness levels & training @ weights to build mass.

I’ll be back in martial arts training by January- for now I’ll concentrate on Choy Li Fut & hope to do some brazillian Jiu Jitsu as well…...

I’m always bemused by people beating their chest about the superiority of their styles or their accomplishments- for the fact is that the best person is the person who wins on the day or is able to avoid conflict intelligently without loss of esteem or whatever- I’ve been reading Musashi which is a Japanese classic and I think everyone who trains in martial arts should read this…. I’ve only gotten half way through so far- so maybe I’m being a bit premature but I’ve learnt more from this book than any book in years and years- about fighting & about life!

Morevover though, when I’m in my next street fight I don’t intend to be bashed from behind like the last time (I hate cowards) so this will take a lot of training and it’s an ongoing journey…..


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