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finish knitting my scarf


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riki13 has written 10 entries about this goal

All three scarfs are finished...

And so is this goal :)

Lucky for my niece...

She liked her scarf lol. Have started no.3, which was no.1. It is behaving this time with the bigger needles.

My niece's scarf...

Is finished. I am picking her up from school in a couple of days, I plan to meet her at the gate, and without a word pull it out of my bag and place it round her neck. If she decides she doesn’t like it, I may decide to strangle her with it for holding up this goal lol :)
One scarf to go. I hope it works out this time, I am getting sick of pulling it apart.

No such luck...

My niece remembered the scarf. Oh well. Still two to go.

One down...

finished no. two, so two to go. Unless I can get my niece to forget I said I’d make her one?

To aaarg or not to aaarg?

Well, I’ve solved part of the problem of the scarf plural. I totally got the shits on with no.1 when every row I’ve done since pulling it apart has had a different stitch count. So to teach it a lesson I pulled it apart. It is now a ball of wool that can wait till my bigger needles are free. On the plus side, no.2 is going great guns – just over half way!


Now my niece wants me to knit her a scarf…and I put in some work on No.1 this am, only to find that my knot joining the ball I started recently had come undone and I had a huge hole…all this morning’s work and more had to be unravelled…but No.2 coming along ok. I will start niece’s scarf when No.2 finished – easier and quicker with the bigger needles. I could start it now on even bigger needles, but no thanks. I could also just give her No.1 when finished but not bloody likely :)Should rename this goal finish knitting my scarfs plural lol.

Oh no!!!!!

I just bought more wool…but it was sooo pretty and will make such a lovely scarf…plus it was very cheap (only 75c a ball)...if I knit it on bigger needles than I’m using now and cast on less stitches it should go pretty quick… I hope so because it will look real nice for an upcoming event…but no more scarfs or wool, I want to clear this goal so I can clear off some other projects…

Almost half way there!

Whoohoo! Adding this to my list gave this goal a real kick up the butt :)

I'ts about time I finished a project...

I’m notorious for starting things and burning out long before I finish. I have a big box next to my couch where I keep my knitting and cross-stitch projects for easy access, but instead of motivating me it depresses me because I just keep piling more and more unfinished stuff into it. The scarf is the easiest project to finish, it’s a quarter done. Maybe by finishing it, it will motivate me to get some other projects off my needles!


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