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Lose Fifty Pounds

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149 this morning! means since new years i have lost 53 pounds!


well i fell off track for awhile, but i got back on the train! 153 this morning, which means ive pretty much hit the fifty!


160 this morning..only ten more and i’ll be at fifty! :-D


down to 170 this morning..yay! twenty more pounds to go and i’ll hit my fifty!


now i’m down to 175..ten more pounds and i will actaully be the weight it says on my drivers license lol


weighing in at 179 as of eleven o clock tonight..


well i started the new year at 200 and i’m at about 184 as of this morning. 34 more and i’ll have lost my fifty, i really want to get down to 135 or a little bit less though.

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