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Zilker Botanical Gardens

During my stay in Austin, Texas where I attended Fantasticfest, I took some time to visit one of my favorite gardens: Zilker Botanical Gardens. It so happened there was some sort of garden meetup happening that day. I walked around the Oriental garden and the Rose Garden. After that I was tired, so I did not see the whole place, but I took some lovely photos to remember my visit, where I felt very meditative and grateful, contemplating my previous visit there with my daughter Camela and anticipating that evening’s events at the Fantastic Debates, where I would later see Keanu Reeves and Tiger Chen from “Man of Tai Chi”.

I'm a Venus watcher

Yesterday I really enjoyed watching the Venus transit across the sun streaming live on NASA TV. I always enjoy star gazing or planet chasing. And my daughter even posted a very touching short film on my facebook page for me that was most appropriate to commiserate this occasion. It was based on a poem written by Derek Brown and made into a short film by the Holechek brothers. You can find it on you tube. It’s called “A finger, two dots, then me.”

Magic and Mystery is found everywhere!

Anywhere we chose to look, we can find the extraordinary. For to see with the eyes of a child, one can see the miraculous~


Nothing worth knowing can really be understood with the mind.~Woody Allen in Manhattan


The word magic is derived from the Greek magos, meaning “wizard” or “wise one,” and from the earlier Persian magus, meaning “royal magician-priests.” These “Magi” were diviners, healers, and astrologers known to have honored the divinity of the entire living cosmos, and the sacred haoma (soma) they drank likely included psychedelic mushrooms that helped reveal the intricacies of the magical universe.

The greatest magic may be the ways we focus and extend out that consciousness in order to actively influence the world for the better. It is this most selfless manifestation that, in the long run, empowers, validates, and fulfills the magical self.


I have taken up the 365day challenge,
where I will be taking a self-portrait
for the next year..
If you are on flickr, leave
me comments.

Magic Moo Cards

I have fallen in love with my moo cards. I love looking at them and trading them. They are so small, but hold so much pleasure.
If you don’t know what a moo card is, check out flickr.

St Patrick's Day Magic~

Here are some ideas for your garden for St.Patrick’s Day! PLANT THREE ROWS OF PEAS: 1. Peace of mind 2. Peace of heart 3. Peace of soul

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