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Avoid putting people on a pedestal

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My overactive imagination again…I’m starting to believe that if I don’t imagine how people are and I just limit myself to giving people credit for what they do and how they are instead of waht imagine they do or are I won’t have this problem again.
Only time will tell I guess


With every new day I believe I’m getting closer to this goal

First step

I was writing an entry for and other goal and this came out “When I meet someone that impresses me I tend to put them on a pedestal; I start believing that they are better than I am and that I’m lucky to be with them. At this point, I believe that no one is perfect but I used to think differently. We are all different; we all have good things and bad things. From now on I will assume that if someone is spending time with me is for the same reason I’m spending time with them: because I enjoy it. I’m not great, I don’t need to be. I’m just me and guess what…I am fond of me.” The first step to recovery is recognizing the problem. I think I’ve just did. If in a year from now I don’t make this same mistake again I’ll consider this one done.

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