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May Bootcamp 2012: Keep it Simple

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Today, as I tackled another storage box,

I noticed I was more resistant to letting go of my past identity/”just in case” mindset. I had to push myself much harder, because the items, while professional, had more personal connotations. I had to really push myself to let these items which I have not used or even seen in several years go.

Well, it’s time to let the month of May go as well, and I do so with both concern and anticipation. Concern, because I still have so much to get done before my fiscal year is complete and school lets out for the kids, and anticipation of the coming of summer.

Goodbye, May. Thank you for all your gifts and experiences.
Hello, June! I hope you bring joy and purpose to me.

In my quest to keep it simple,

I’ve been working on purging my seemingly endless supply of “just in case” belongings that moved with me cross-country at ridiculous expense, and have not stirred from storage even once since they were boxed (up to seven years ago!).

Tonight, I have made a small but mighty breakthrough.

I was working on emptying a large professional storage box I had been keeping (say it with me now!) “just in case” I needed the materials again for my career in the future. However, since I hadn’t used any of those materials in three years, I figured it would be safe to find a new home for them.

Then I realized, it’s not only about “just in case”. It’s also about identity. By holding on to this box, I was holding on to who my professional identity of three years ago. Ironically, I’m much happier now professionally than I was then. Yet still, I wouldn’t let go of the past.

So I steeled my resolve, and purged. I was able to let three-quarters of the box go. It would have been better to let the whole box go, but that would have been too hard a bullet to bite right now. It’s a process.

Tomorrow, the last day of our May bootcamp, I’ll tackle another storage box.

The last few days of May will be simplicity-based.

A. What can I do to finish the fiscal year at work as simply as possible?
Creative brainstorming and thinking outside the box will be needed here. Can I streamline anything? Make my tasks easier?

B. Simplify my surroundings/belongings.
We bought a new bedframe with storage built-in. I am going to lovingly but firmly go through my clutter and purge/streamline before I move anything into the new storage.

This last weekend of May

is going to be a working weekend for me. (With the exception of a much anticipated dinner party we’ve been invited to Saturday evening .)

I’m not sure how I can keep it simple. I will try to keep it focused, and productive, because I have so many deadlines coming up! I am really going to have to work the entire 3 days.

I guess planning, good time management, and a good attitude will help me stay simple and sane. I need to remind myself that I do like my work, and once these deadlines are through, things will ease up. It’s just poor timing.

At any rate, here’s to a productive, simple holiday weekend!


10:30 financial office
12:00 phone conference
This is cutting it close, so I have to be fully prepared for the phone conference BEFORE I leave for the financial office.

Therefore, I must leave for work the moment I put kid two on the bus- no dilly dallying as I sometimes do!

Then I have several deadlines looming at work, so I need to bow out of the phone conference by 1:00 and work straight through until I pick up the kids. Which means I must bring lunch. And since I need to focus on my other goals, not just my work goals, it must be a healthy lunch.

After I leave work and before I pick up the kids, I have an errand that can’t be delayed: pick up at the pharmacy. So I need to leave 15 minutes earlier than usual.

So what can I do to keep that jam-packed schedule as simple as possible and control the chaos?
Preparation. Discipline. Self-care.

Preparation: make sure I lay out my clothes tonight so I can get ready quickly in the morning. Make my healthy lunch tonight as well.

Discipline: No snooze button in the morning. Finish the last load of laundry now so I don’t have to do it in the morning.

Self-care: Go to bed early and do relaxations/affirmations for a well-rested, ready to go attitude tomorrow.

I can do it!

These have been some crazy busy days,

with work deadlines and kids’ school activities and doing lots of solo parenting while Frog works overtime,

so I need the Keep it Simple philosophy now more than ever.

1. Be grateful for everything I have.
2. Get lots of sleep and a little exercise to keep myself at my best.
3. Go for the gusto: joy and excellence in everything I do. That means mindfulness, super-efficient time management, and lots and lots of self-love.

Simplicity: one day at a time.

I tend to think in grand terms- lifetime goals, long-term projects.

Today I am going to just focus on today.

I would like to:
1. Get to work bright and early with coffee from home in a reusable cup.

2. Face my challenges at work without procrastinating, and work with both joy and excellence.

3. Come home and walk 1.5 miles.

4. Fulfill my evening obligation (child school event) with calmness and humor.

5. Choose one unnecessary item in my home and find a way to give it to someone who can use it.

6. Put the children to bed with patience and affection.

7. Go to sleep early so I can be my best for my next day of simplicity and excellence.

My May mantra, once again:

“It’s simple: this month, I want to focus on making my mind, my body, my home, and my work healthy and joyful. Excellence, organization, and passionate purpose will pervade every aspect of my being.”

Tonight, I am going to scrutinize my far-too-long to-do list. Is there anything I can delegate? What are my priorities for completion in due dates for completion and in importance of completion? Could I possibly, just possibly, drop anything from the list? What would be the consequences of that?

5 days of May

have gone by so fast!

Here’s what I wrote on the first day of May- it is my May mantra:
“It’s simple: this month, I want to focus on making my mind, my body, my home, and my work healthy and joyful. Excellence, organization, and passionate purpose will pervade every aspect of my being.”

After a good, sustained April effort, I’ve started to dip a bit so far in May in my efforts towards frequent, rigorous, joyful movement of my body. So for the next week, I want to make it a priority to get back on track and faithfully adhere to my mile and a half walk/run every or nearly every day.

I started to pare down non-essential objects in my home recently, which is good, but I have a lot of deep cleaning to do. My mother’s day get together will provide as necessary motivation to get the place as clean as I can.

Here’s to another wonderful, goal-focused month of May!

Hello, May!

May this be the best May of all our lives!

I started this bootcamp a day early by simplifying my goals. Some were consolidated, some were renamed, and some were put on the back burner. Keep it simple.

It’s simple: this month, I want to focus on making my mind, my body, my home, and my work healthy and joyful. Excellence, organization, and passionate purpose will pervade every aspect of my being.

Today, I will start moving towards that state of mind with my daily walk/run. Right now.

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