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breathe deeper

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rosymamacita has written 3 entries about this goal

Breathing and Remembering and Livingg

I want to be more aware of life as I am living it. I don’t want to get anxious over what could be or what isn’t happening yet. I don’t want to let fears get the best of me.

I am starting to make list of good things again. I am forever annoyed because I accidentally marked my “list three things” goal as done, and I was not allowed to get it back on my list. I’m talking to you 43things. That’s when I stopped doing 43t as much. It ruined my routine. Anyway, it’s not good to blame outside forces for our inability to do things, so I’m going to let it go.

But I am still trying to breathe deeper and appreciate life.

I wonder if I could find some yoga on demand? maybe do it with my daughter. Keep working on my book and not get frustrated because it isn’t going as quickly as I want. Look for other ways to make money instead of getting down because my job is not doing its job. Let go of the little things, and pay attention to the good things.

Remember to breathe.
Remember that this is the only moment that we will ever really have. Yesterday is over, and tomorrow is only a thought, but right now, right here, we can do something.

But remember to breathe. We always need some breath.

List Making

Helps me get a handle on the muddle.

When I know what I have to do, when I know where I want to go, I can start taking steps to get there.

Before I organize my thoughts, I can barely breathe at all.

Not sure how much posting there is to do on this goal

But I could definitely use the reminder to breathe deeply.

Been feeling a weird anxiety which is new, and the breathing will help. Plus breathing is good for grounding.

I have large lungs, I think, and my deep breathing is slower than others. I always went longer than the other participants when we did deep breathing in yoga.

And when I was giving birth, and the midwife told me to hold my breath and push, she did her count, but when she was done, I was still holding and still pushing. She said, “oh! good.” Big lungs. Maybe I shoulda been a swimmer. Oh well.

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