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list three things every day that made me happy

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May 31, The Day of Wading Pools and Writing on the Porch

Ivy spent all day running in and out of the wading pool. I brought her a icypop and sat out there in the grass, in the sun, enjoying it, too. She kept saying, “Mommy, isn’t this nice and relaxing?”

I took my ice coffee and my laptop out to the porch and plugged it in through the window. I sat there for about a half hour doing revision, before the little girl came up and wanted to be a part of it. I also brought my mosquito repellent.

We stopped off at the library before we picked up G from the bus stop. I returned the last two of the Hunger Games trilogy and picked up two new books from my list. While I was there and Ivy was playing on the kids computers, I started doing an illustrated list of happy things in my journal.

When G got home and I was making dinner, he asked if he could go on and play games, and he and Ivy sat at my computer and helped each other play. He understands the rules better but she has more practice on the mouse pad. I suppose we need a desk top with a real mouse so everyone can use the computer now that the kids are getting bigger.

10/9/10 The Day of Fall Colors and Remembering

The kids let us sleep in until 8am!

Funny jokes with people at work.

Made some decent money at work. It doesn’t always happen.

Finished a bookmark for a free gift as a customer. Have to remember to photograph it, since I like it,and I could make others easily.

The colors of the fall trees—yellow and gold in between the still green. Brown, hints of red. It’s pretty gorgeous. What if this was the last real fall we experienced, what if we move to Florida or California without a real autumn? Wouldn’t we want to remember this one? Maybe we won’t move, but what if? Just reminding myself to enjoy life as it comes.

My homemade lime-garlic-jalapeno chicken soup. Trying to stave off a cold that’s been going around my house. It’s good soup.

watching an old America’s Next Top Model, just because I like it and I get to relax.

9/25- The Day of Kids Growing Up and Affordable Art

1. Allowing myself to NOT write today allowed me to get done a lot of other work that was weighing on my head. No guilt today. Yay.

2. Gabriel explaining to Ivy why dinosaurs shouldn’t scare her. Because they are extinct, which means they don’t exist anymore.

3. Coming home to kids and papa in a good mood.

4. Watching them watch a Yankees game, and S teaching the kids all of the baseball lore. And watching the kids talking about baseball with him.

5. Bibb lettuce salad w gorgonzola, sugared walnuts, poached pears and herb balsamic vinaigrette.

6. Putting together some little drawings that I want to sell on etsy. They’re pretty cute. Planning on making them very affordable.

7. Oh yeah, looking at art on etsy, so that I can do my artistic tithing and spend some of my earned money back on etsy w other artists. Realizing that I can actually get some small pieces of original art for my budget of 20-30 dollars. (hence my decision to put some affordable art in my shop.)

Yesterday was a hard day in my head, so I'm doing this again

Penne in a cream sauce, with sausage. Everyone ate, though the boy didn’t get any pasta with his sausage, but a honey bagel.

Walking to the school bus in the morning with a setting Harvest Moon on the horizon. “The moon is following us, mommy!”

Packaging and mailing 4 prints that people ordered from my etsy shop. Sometimes packaging and mailing is the hardest thing to do, since it isn’t a part of my regular day. If I were a full time selling artist, instead of very part time, I would be better prepared. So each time I get it done, it feels like I’ve accomplished something.

Getting back to 43t. Shh. Don’t tell me I’m using it to avoid writing.

11/19/08 The Day of the Birthday Giveaway

It makes me happy to giveaway a painting on my blog.
come over and give it a shot. I miss you guys.

Dancing with the kids and making music with a play saxophone, a harmonica and a maraca.

A call from Patty. A call from Dad. A call from Sean.

Plans to get my printer so I can sell prints on etsy.

Making corn muffins for breakfast.

The inspiration of two paintings, from out of the blue, this morning.

So far, so good for my birthday.

11/17/08 The Day of Reading, 'Riting, and rrr...Art.

Painted one painting, an oracle that I made up, drew another, (Nox and Comfort) and wrote over 2 thousand words for nanowrimo. Still went to bed early, and read a new book.

A new author who does not bore me. I have a hard time finding science fiction and fantasy authors who are good enough writers to keep my attention. The curse of a s/f geek who got a literary education.

Writing during nap time, which is the only time I get to do so, nowadays, G woke up and came into my room. I thought I was done for, since I’d just started and did not have my word count. But instead, I asked him if he wanted to lay in my bed, and he did, and as soon as his head hit the pillow, his eyes fluttered closed and he went to sleep. Yay. The benefits of not having a separate office.

I can't get this back on my list

And I think it upset me so I was avoiding it and 43things, so I have decided to move on, although I will miss the community of this goal. :(

Now I am going to keep this goal updated on The Happy Pages, which is more accurate anyway, since my intention is never to write only three, but at least three, and as many as I feel that day. And I’m not listing anyway, but writing little stories, almost.

So, see you all around.

7/26 The Day of Getting Back to the Happy List

Gosh I spent some time over on the lists, and I foolishly marked this goal as accomplished, which it is, although I am not done.

So I had to mark it as doing again. How weird. Man, I think they kicked me off the front page. Oh well. So after putting this goal off for a while because of all the catching up I have to do, I’m just going to start again.

Iced coffee with coffee icecream. Yum

Google reader. So much easier to keep track of my favorite blogs.

Oreos with peanut butter. Why did I never discover this before? Just dip and crunch. Yum.

G’s golden curls. I do not know where they come from. It’s one of those genetic throwbacks, I know, but how strange.

G is also talking much better lately. Still hard to understand, but he seems to have gotten over his resistance to trying the difficult sounds.

Ivy and her chubby belly. She’s like a juicy apple and you just want to eat her up.

Uncle had G up on his lap and was pretending to be a boat and telling him stories about sailing and pirates, and G was just imagining away, looking through the spy glass and sighting bad guys and listening enraptured.

My cat has decided to come out of hiding and has spent some time down stairs while the kids are actually awake. I had G feed her a piece of chicken and give her some non-violent attention. She’s been scared of him since he was about a year old, but he doesn’t pull tails or ears anymore.

7/16 The Day Before the (da dum dum) Road Trip

SYTYCD. Wee hee. Me loves the dancing kids.

Dancing with the kids. We held eachother’s hands and danced around in a circle.

Realizing that, although I am dreading the roadtrip tomorrow at 4 AM!!! I am still going to the mountains, to a place I have never been. That’s nice and fun.

Frosted mini wheats.

7/14 The Day of Apple Cheeks and Crosswords

When I was surrounded by my kids… they’re small and there are only two of them, but they were so present that they definitely had me surrounded. Hugs all around. Big grins.

When I put them to nap a half hour early and they actually went to bed and I was able to shower and get my equilibrium back.

Reading a magazine this morning instead of turning on the computer.

Balloons with the kids. Oh, balloons make kids very very happy.

When Ivy went right back down when I went in to put G back in his bed. She didn’t fuss or cry or expect to be let out to run around.

Not happy exactly, but the perfect set of teeth marks left on Ivy’s cheek after g bit her. It wasn’t that bad, but I marveled at the little white marks in her tear streaked cheek. I definitely knew why she was crying, though. And G did not dispute the time out, for sure.

Starting my collage for my project. I’m using old crosswords that S did. I worked on that while I was watching Youtube videos of a girl who does these little art project tutorials.

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