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Stay In Tune With My Star player (Namely Me), The Person I have to Deal With Everyday.


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Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
Albert Einstein, (attributed)
US (German-born) physicist (1879 – 1955)


You can never be who you are , untill let go of what you were.

Better than before

I linger in this place
Without a face
Another body floating in the midst
When do I go home
Weighed down by the guilt
When can my mind be free
I’ll keep floating here
Lost in the same moment
Repeating the same mistakes
The harm dissipates
My body feels no pain now
Deadened from this conflict
Only piercing pain in my mind
When did I leave myself behind?
Living in before, not now
I’ve lost my place
I fear my mind
I fear what I will find
Now I must put my memories away
Start a new day
I must be better than before
I must expect more


stop thinking about it

I can’t even name the amount of things of told myself I will do and all the moments I’ve spent thinking about when I will do them. I’ve spent too much time waiting for perfect moments, perfect relationships, enough money, no more debt. No more promises or vows to do it tomorrow .I’m done with to do lists. It’s starts this moment or never. I will be true to my heart and be the person I’ve always told myself I would be. I will be that person from now on. Every day I’ll get a little closer to my hopes and dreams, but I won’t regret what I haven’t done.


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