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Bee Sage in Iowa is doing 21 things including…

Help my mother sort the basement and get all of my stuff in one place

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Another carload

Took home a car load of stuff out of the basement for the church sale. That and digging through some boxes cleared up a lot of space, got some trash out, found some things that were “missing” and made the back room easy to enter.

Next time…. make the guest bedroom look not so much like a storage room. Which means painting the kitchen and dining room so all the decor stored back there can go on the walls.

new basement, same task

There is definitely more room to go through things at the new place! And Mom bought shelves at an auction, so a lot of stuff is coming out of the boxes we’ve had around since the last time they moved. It’s nice to see all of the books out again. I took my microscope and the leftovers from my chemistry set home with me, but the rest of my things weren’t as easily visible. I’ve ended up giving a lot of my old things right to my little sister. She’s crazy about the telescope and gets excited every time we dig out a new kids’ book. Her room may need a major cleaning soon with all the awesome stuff we’re finding for her and all of the new toys she gets, too!

They're moving!

Parents got a new house, got theirs sold, and will soon be moving. The new place will have plenty of space to empty out and sort boxes. Going to try and find the last of my stuff, grab anything they’re not going to be using, and make everyone’s life easier later on by chucking or donating as much as we can ASAP. Hoping some of that will happen BEFORE they move.

Small things

Got most of my CDs and jewel cases this weekend. I have to talk to a certain sister about getting the rest back. Also dug out an unused CD rack from the basement to use at home. Was supposed to bring a plant home with me, but completely forgot to pick it up on our way out the door.

Mom’s trying to start going through boxes when she gets a moment here and there. Hopefully she’ll unearth some good treasures for our apartment. Talked to the kid sister and she’s being very grown up about sorting out the toys she doesn’t use any more to take to Goodwill. She says they’re going to make the kids with no toys happy. He also practiced writing by making a pages-long Christmas list this weekend, so maybe she’s just making room.

Major cleanup

We took two carloads to Goodwill, threw out 4 trash bags (1 being the contents of the vacuum after we cleaned… ew), took some stuff out to the garage, made a pile of recyclables (mostly wood), finished putting drywall up (getting the drywall out of the middle of the room), put a few boxes of office supplies in Dad’s truck for him to take to work for them to use, and I took a carload of my things home with me to sort through.

The remaining stuff got neatly boxed up, labeled, and stacked in one nice row along the back wall. The extra bedroom got tidied up (and some of that stuff put into the boxes) and “staged” for showing. We bought new tan curtains for the windows so we could take down the random brightly colored fabric ones that Mom had made and that made the room look a lot better. My sister is going up next weekend and she has a box that we put all of her stuff in as we found it for her to sort through and decide what needs to happen with it. There’s also a pink chair (that won’t be pink for very long after I get my hands on it), a filing cabinet, and a mirror that I need to take, but wouldn’t fit in my car this trip. There are still a few things that got stacked in a different corner that need to be disposed of, but we couldn’t throw in the curbside trash and Goodwill wouldn’t take (like a stroller and broken televisions), but overall most of the trash is out.

We didn’t open any boxes to sort through or take anything off shelves that looked like it was neatly stored, so there’s still a LOT down there that could probably be gotten rid of, but we did a fair amount of work, and I’m pleased with the results!

Trying to not get too excited

But I am going home this weekend with the sole purpose of CLEANING UP THE BASEMENT! And painting some of the bright colors over with white to tone down the feel of the rooms.

I am setting the bar really high so maybe some of our goals will be reached, but really, anything will help.

Filing cabinet

There was an old filing cabinet with four drawers and a door sitting over in the corner. We cleaned it up and brought it home. As soon as the Egman picks up his mess from rearranging the room (so there’s a clear path from the door), we’ll put the cabinet next to his desk in the office. Then we can get rid of the cheapo, much too small filing box I got in college.

Thanks- giving

Doing a wide sweep of the basement for anything that is mine when we go home for Thanksgiving this weekend. Other than photos, Christmas ornaments, or similar keepsakes, I’m going to send all of it to Goodwill. I’ve lived for this long without it ever leaving the basement, I’ll probably continue to live without it from here on out.

Hoping to fill the trunk of our car at the very least, if not create a pile for them to take out as well. Not only will it get this stuff out of the house and let other people use it, maybe it will make the basement look more spacious and pleasing to potential buyers for my parents’ house!

Are. You. Serious.

Mom wouldn’t let me clean or take anything to Goodwill. Absolutely refused. Even the boxes of my old books I wanted to take in.


I give up. When I get a house, I will reopen this goal because I’ll be able to take all of my stuff out and not have to worry about their basement any more. Until then, I’ll just attempt to turn a blind eye toward it. And hope my mom un-crazies herself soon.

EDIT: I don’t want to be dissing my mom or making it sound like she’s nuts, but sometimes she gets this ideal picture in her head of how something will happen, and it takes her forever to realize that the pieces aren’t all going to just fall into place like she is dreaming they will. The current fantasy is that she’ll know exactly what to do with every object in the basement; each thing will have a place and suddenly not be clutter. And she doesn’t want to start moving anything until she knows what she wants to do with everything. Hence, the box of physics books I will never read again and the clothes Baby A grew out of are sitting at the bottom of the stairs waiting to be tossed in the trunk and taken to Goodwill.

Another part of this

I have a bunch of t-shirts from high school. Well, parts of t-shirts. The sleeves and pieces without logos are in the garage being used as grease rags

Mom was supposed to sew them into a quilt for high school graduation (in 2006). She mentioned that we could finish that over Christmas break.

I’m going to hold her to it. It’ll clear off an entire shelf and give me another warm blanket to snuggle in with. Then she’s free to start on my sister’s quilt!

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