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Sew an apron for the Egman

14 cheers


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Slowly... slowly...

Fabric was ironed and is now cut out. All ready for the second round of ironing. Damn ironing. Will do it later. If I do one thing on it every week, it’ll still get done before BBQ season, right?

Twill tape purchased.

And some extra Bears ribbon because it was on sale and will look nice along the edge of the pockets. Just for a LITTLE flair. Now need to do the dang ironing part. Don’t like ironing. Worst part of the whole sewing process.

Measurements taken

This goal rises from the sea, long forgotten, to terrorize the todo list once again.

Measurements taken. Paper saved from Ikea packaging will turn into a pattern. Will have to wander my way to a store for some sort of strap or cording for the ties.

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