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could hardly get out of the bed this morning, walking is difficult, even picking up the laundry basket from the floor was hard. SO bummed :(

It's not

completely healed yet, but the problem is under control. I can do what I want (including running) and the hip is rarely sore any more.


Left Hip has been doing well for 3 months, but yesterday and today feel like some major relapse has happened :( Fingers crossed that it’s not the case…..... sigh

The hip

is still going well :) I’m doing longer runs now, up to about an hour, and though the hip/leg sometimes hurts during the run the pain goes away soon after I stop.

Maybe it's

the fact that I’m now dangling from the planet (in NZ) instead of standing on top of it, but recently my hip has been better than in the past 1.5 years. Went for a couple of runs and though I can still feel the weak spot it’s generally going fine!

ain't there yet

My hip is behaving somewhat better, probably due to the ayurvedic medecine that I’m taking. I’m also doing physiotherapy, stretching and stability training. I was doing pretty well and dared to try to run, but that turned out to be too soon. Feels like some minor relapse, it’s okay, don’ think I’ve made damage or anything. I hate it that I can’t go running. But I’m happy that I can climb, an ride a bicycle, and swim (which proves that my hip is better than in autumn!)

Major relapse

My hip & lower back are hurting a lot now. Needed to sit down this morning to put on socks – that s*cks. Dr’s appointment made, he can see me in about 2 weeks. Sigh, that long :( Started to take the rest of the anti-inflammatory meds to make life supportable until then.
Next Tuesday I’m seeing a friend who is an Ayurvedic practitioner, she may have a better solution than those (stomach-unfriendly) meds…

This morning

it felt like some relapse :( fingers crossed…...

Doing much better :)

Had an MR scan of my lower back, which showed no obvious problem. Spine & discs look perfect (apart from 1 disc that looked almost perfect), no pressure anywhere, no pinched nerves etc. Dr guessed that there might have been some minor inflammation so he prescribed anti-inflammatory meds which I took for 2.5 weeks. Hip feels much better since & it stays pretty fine now I’m off the meds. Climbing doesn’t hurt any more and swimming too is quickly becoming less painful. Fingers crossed that it heals completely now!


I’ve been to a specialist regarding my hip-leg-back troubles. He doesn’t see anything that is alarming so the next step will be to make an MR scan of my lower back. Planned for Dec 1st @7am (ouch!).

Meanwhile it’s still going with ups and downs. To be continued.

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