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lose 5 pounds

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I dislike this goal very much….

LOL it’s so hard! I fight so hard for it and I’ve barely budged again, maybe .2 of a pound.

and I KNOW it doesn’t really mean much, as muslce weighs more than fat, and I’m VERY active, and I love working out, and I do weights 3x a week and squash so often, and more cardio and yoga…

but I’m so tired of looking at 196 on the scale. every day. for over 2 months now. what’s wrong?


My biggest challenge with losing weight is that I did not track what I ate. I would eat sensibly, but I fear that part of my problem was overeating, and throughout the day, comsuming too many calories.

I decided after a LONG consideration (months) to purchase the Fitday program. I’ve had it for almost a week and I have noticed significant difference in my eating habits. Now, everything I eat in a day is displayed on the screen and I’m reminded of all the calories I have taken in.

and in this week, I’m already down almost 2 pounds. I’m quite active, so I’m not that surprised, but it’s about being motivated to track things out.


I am currently in at 10.4 pounds over my target goal.

Considering I do a lot of cardio (squash mostly) and yoga, my new objective is to build weight training into my weekly routine. I’ve focused on weights before, but I think the key to this is to build one thing at a time into your schedule. Trying things, seeing what works at what times, etc.

The one thing with weights is that I injured my knee a few months back while doing weight training, so I’m approaching the lower body workouts with much more caution, and I’m scared to push myself too hard, as I still feel something not right with me knee.

Taking it one step at a time…

Instead... have gained 5 pounds from what I was trying to lose, so

I have gained 5 pounds from what I was trying to lose, so I’m actually 10 pounds off my goal weight now.

I’m so incredibly frustrated.

Its difficult when...

... muscle weighs more than fat. I know I built up some wicked muscle in my quads today, which means my weigh-in tomorrow is gonna be heavier than it should be, I assume.
Does this mean discouragement?

Just a tad bit of frustration.

AND! This goal only counts when the 5 pounds comes off and stays off for the duration of at LEAST 10 days.
That is when I will mark this as complete!


I dislike how muscle weighs more than fat
It makes me feel heavy

So close

+1.4 left to go

+2 or +3.4

my scale can’t decide what weght I am at. Strange.


+4.8 over desired weight

back at the gym today after a brief hiatus

no weigh in though… tomorrow morning I will.
Time to get back into routine!

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