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Play more soccer

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I want to play...

with those who enjoy it recreationally. It’s no fun when you get some pomppous-ass know-it-all doing all his fancy schamcy tricks. .... cuz then no one wants to play.

I ended up ditching the game today for that reason, and then going up to the gym at my work instead. I ended up playing some Squash too. Fun times!

Tomorrow is off

There’s a thunderstorm moving in. It was rainy all day today, then partly cloudy in the afternoon. The grass will be soggy and we’ll likely get drenched.

So we’re calling the game off. I’m sure we’ll reschedule..

It just makes me sad. lol

Thurs 2 pm

We’re planning another game.

Great game!

What a wonderful game!

2 girls, 8 guys, and my friend Gen ended up leaving partway through, which left the numbers uneven and left me with the boys.

We moved to a cleaner, actual soccer field. It was so much better than the one I checked out yesterday. We played for a good two hours.

Right at the end, I was on goal, and I got the ball right in the face from a power kick about 3 feet in front of me. Shattered my sunglasses, but they saved me from a black eye. I have a bit of bruising on my cheek and forehead, but it’s all good!

Battle scars!

We’re planning another game for next week.

It turns out

We’re not allowed to book the gym without paying for it. Crap.

So, we’re planning to play outdoors! The game is scheduled for tomorrow at 4 pm.

I just came back from the field, it’s quite bumpy and rough, and the ground has plenty of pot holes, and the goals aren’t lined up straight.


It’s free!

and the weather is supposed to be nice tomorrow. I’m watching the forecast http://www.weathernetwork.ca/weather/cities/can/Pages/CAON0696.htm

Step One, check!

Step one: Get ball. CHECK!

Step two: Organize a time and space to play

I work at a fitness facility. I have spoken to some of the other staff, and other people are really interested in playing. We’ve booked the gymnasium for this Thursday at 4pm. Becuase we all work there, it’s free! (normally $65 an hour)

Step three: Play!

Coming soon!

w/ Ceara

I had the chance to play a good game of soccer yesterday, as well do some kick arounds, back and forth. School is over next week, which means no more social times with my friends as they all go back home, (Calgary, Vancouver, etc)

I want to play more. The bad part is I have no one to play with. I might consider joining a league or something for the summer, that would be fun…

1st Step: Gonna buy my own soccer ball.

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