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Section 4 reading done

And I just sent an update email to my instructor. This week is going to be insanely busy at work, but after that things should slow down slightly. (Meaning I should be able to throttle back to 100% effort instead of the 120% I’ve been putting in – which is good, because I am worn the heck out.) So I told her I’d get her my section 2 index next week. Which means I can’t put it off anymore!

I also asked a few questions about the requirements; I’m hoping to tweak them slightly so as to finish the course more quickly. With any luck, she’ll agree. I’d really like to be done with this goal by mid-July!

Section 3 reading done

Also read half of the indexing exercise. I still have to edit section 2, but am too fried; I’ll do that tomorrow. Then I’ll finish reading 3’s exercise and write the index…hopefully I’ll finish that this week, though I may run out of time (next baby checkup is Friday, and this was a short week already). With any luck, I’ll have 3’s index edited and off to my teacher next week.

Section 4 will be easier, I think; it’s less theory and more freelance business setup. And I’ve already got a head start on all that. :)

Almost done with segment 2

I’ve finished the reading and written my index; tomorrow I’ll edit it and send it in. Progress!

(Sky indexing software is awesome, btw. I’m going to test-drive Macrex, but it’ll have to do wondrous things to top Sky.)

Back on this

finally. Not that I have much of a choice; I’m in the inflatable-ankle stage of pregnancy now, and there’s not much else I can accomplish with my feet elevated.

I’ve finished half of my reading for segment 2; tonight I finish the rest, and tomorrow I’ll start on my assignment. Next week, segment 3. With any luck, I’ll wrap up segment four a week later. Even if it takes me longer than that, I’m determined to wrap this up before the baby gets here…god knows I won’t have time after!


Just looked over my graded homework. Lots of happy faces. Apparently I did very well! Thinking about putting it up on the fridge. :)

Sent the index off last night

despite aneurysm-inducing computer problems. (Thank you, autosave, for rescuing my index after not one but three successive computer crashes!) My instructor says she’ll review it over the weekend and give me feedback on Monday.

So I’m done with the indexing for a few days. Trying to decide if I’ve got enough juice left in me to take another course, or if I’m just going to veg out and finally watch my Netflix.

Practice index started

Actually, I knocked out the first draft tonight. (Yeah, this weekend was too hectic to study.) Tomorrow night I’ll clean it up; I may take one more day to second-guess myself, but it’s going back to the instructor Thursday at the latest.

I can see where I’m making things harder than they need to be. Which is kind of comforting – I felt that way about editing at first, too.

It's amazing what you can accomplish

when you’re interested in the subject at hand. I’ve nearly finished the assigned readings for the first course segment. One more article, and it’ll be time to start my first practice index. Really hoping to get that done this weekend.

Lesson sheets arrived today

but work was so crazy today (new goal to come) that I’ve not done more than look at the introduction. So after dinner (and a few minutes goofing off…I need a break!), I’m going to dig into the assigned reading.

Indexing textbook arrived today!

Now I just need the lesson sheets. :)

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