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Organize my home

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Think this is done too

Again, I have not tackled the laundry closet, nor have I purchased boxes to get the closet in here into shape. But everything’s organized as far as having a home and being easily accessible. The rest is just tweaking and cleaning. So I’m marking this one done.

Reaping the benefits

It only took me an hour to clean the apartment tonight. That is just cool.

Two closets to go

Everything is pretty well organized, with the exception of the laundry closet and the computer room closet. The laundry closet’s on hold until I can get someone to move the microwave off the shelf so I can clean up there…possibly next weekend, but probably won’t happen until the weekend after that. The closet in here is pretty well organized, but I want to replace the plastic storage boxes I have. None of them are the same size, shape, or even brand; hence, they do not stack well. I have the feeling I could create all sorts of space in there if I had the right boxes. I looked this weekend, but I need to figure out how many I need, and what size.

I love how the rest of the house looks, though. It feels (almost) like a brand-new apartment!

sometimes I impress myself

So I braved the front bath cabinet and discovered the wood silverware drawer divider from my old apartment. (I had to buy a new one when I moved in here because the drawers are smaller.) And it occurred to me that the wood matches my armoire perfectly. So I dusted it and put it in my sock drawer. My socks are now neatly balled and arranged by color and type. Plus it gives stability to the drawer…the drawers in my armoire have those cardboard bottoms (which have seen their better day); the tray keeps the weight of the socks from making the cardboard sag. Also, I freed up the two plastic shoeboxes I was using to sort my socks.

Now, to organize the bath cabinet!


I did quite a bit of sorting and pitching last night. I was going to do more today, but went to a fair instead. Now I’m too tired and sunburned to mess with it. But tomorrow, I will attack the closet in here, and the cabinet in the front bathroom.

Two rooms pretty well taken care of

I did a deep clean/sort of the bedroom and bathroom today. Tossed a bunch of stuff, and reorganized everything. I even cleaned up my wrapping paper box. Anything that I wasn’t ready to toss, I moved to the computer room. I figure that if I still don’t have a need for it once it gets to the living room, I should just throw it out. And there it will be, right next to the door. How convenient. :)

Oh, the things I could do

I have what is quite possibly an unnatural obsession with little bins and boxes. I have this vision of my closets, cabinets, and drawers full of little compartments, with the contents neatly arranged and categorized. I have yet to achieve this goal, but I have made some headway. I think I just need to finish tossing things before I continue…no sense neatly organizing stuff I don’t want or need.


I got the urge to throw out one of my bookcases last weekend. It basically was just taking up space, and had far outlived its usefulness—there were more decorative items on it than books. So I found new homes for the items it held, dismantled it, and took it to the trash. It was rather liberating! One less thing to dust…


This is so much easier when you live alone! I had two people this past weekend tell me how nice and organized my apartment is. However, I can’t yet claim to be completely organized, for I know what lurks in my closets and drawers. But at least it looks good on the surface!

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