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sabryn in Collierville is doing 3 things including…

Have a baby

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9 months!

First of all, new belly pic! R and I had our pictures taken this week. I’ve only seen a few of the shots so far, but this one is my favorite.

Week 36 update:
Walk like a gramma, I do.

And talk like a Yoda, yes. Why, I know not.

So today brought a new symptom: Stabbing, near-crippling hip pain. One minute I’m cool…the next I’m limping along, hoping I can muster up the strength to get to the back of the store before I wet myself. (I kid you not – I can use the bathroom 5 times in 10 minutes these days.) I’m also having weird electric tingles in my legs. Not as painful as the hip thing, but still rather uncomfortable. I walked faster in The Boot.

I’m pretty much out of baby room. (Either that, or my gallbladder makes a really comfy footstool.) I’ve had heartburn for two days straight now. Tums does nada. I’m now wearing my big bra on the loosest hook, and will probably be using the extenders on it within a week or so. Actually, the extenders might help with the heartburn. Worth a shot.

The only other big change I’ve noticed is in my skin. No stretch marks yet (knock particleboard), but I’m seeing other changes. My freckles are definitely darker, and there are more of them. I’m getting skin tags wherever my clothes rub – and some places they don’t. And after a long hiatus, my face is starting to break out again. (Nothing major, thankfully…but I didn’t have so much as a blackhead for about 6 months, through no effort of my own. I’ve been very spoiled.) Still, I don’t think any of that is a bad trade-off for no stretch marks.

So I’m tired, sore, and my skin’s doing weird things. Considering the upheavals taking place in my body, I’m doing really well. In fact, at my checkup this week, the doctor told me I am “the picture of prenatal health.”

This is me thumbing my nose at all of those people who think only women in their 20s should have babies.

Another pound

another inch on the waist. Lost a couple of inches from the hips, which is odd…I guess she’s taking from me now that I can’t eat as much as I was.

My back hurts all the time now (both lower and mid). And I’m so very, very hot. Just a few more weeks…long, hot, humid weeks, unfortunately.

Dad finally got to feel the baby. Not kicking…she mostly saves that for 2 a.m. But she’s starting to protrude at odd angles, and do the Jaws thing more frequently. Now if I could just get her to hold still long enough to catch such belly distortions on camera!

<--- Proud owner of a nursing bra

I had my doubts, but I think I’ve found one that might work. From a brick-n-mortar Target, even. Cheap, too – $13. (I think I was in high school the last time I got a bra that cheap. Maybe junior high.) Sure, the band size is too big and the cup size too small, but small-ribbed, suddenly uddered beggars can’t be choosers. I’m hoping that this particular combination of mismatching evens itself out. And if not, it’ll at least get me through until I can locate and purchase something that fits better.

Everyone's having baby dreams but me

My mom…my dad…R…even my coworkers are having baby-stress dreams. What do I dream about?

- College. It’s finals week, and I just found out I’m registered for a class I’ve never attended. It’s the first week of college, and I can’t find my classes, don’t have any books, and no one will help me. (I know these are typical stress dreams, but I’ve never had them before. My dad still has them…he’s amazed that these are my first.)

- High school. Similar theme to the second college dream; I need help doing something, but can’t get any assistance. Doubly frustrating because the only people who could help me are the big-turd-inna-small-bowl types that were employed by my high school. Wanted to choke them senseless then, and apparently the urge has not faded.

- Buying a house. These are variations on a single theme: I buy a house, and it’s damaged. In one dream, I noticed only after buying the house that it needed major repairs. In another, an unnoticed roof leak led to half of the bedroom ceiling falling in.

I have had baby-stress dreams before…15 years ago, I had them quite frequently. I just haven’t had them recently. Mom thinks that means I’m confident in my ability to care for this child. (I wish!)

What’s interesting is the subjects of these dreams are far from what I’m actually stressing about. School I could handle. And I’m not exactly in the market for a house anymore; now we’re looking at renting again (more on that later). I am afraid of getting stuck renting a crappy place, so that may be playing into the house dreams. But renting is hardly the commitment that buying is; I know wherever we move next will be short-term.

Still, things could be worse. I could be having labor dreams. Or Alien dreams. (Gummi is contorting my stomach into stranger and stranger configurations as I type.)

Already looking out for me

During a long, tedious meeting this afternoon, Gummi started unleashing these precise, controlled kicks on my bladder. I eventually had to excuse myself to go to the restroom. Once we had a little privacy, I started talking to her:

“Hi, baby. You trying to get my attention?”


“Were you trying to make Mommy have to pee?”


“Trying to get us out of that boring old meeting?”


If only such tactics would work after I give birth…

As if I weren't already sleep deprived

Last night I had a case of what I can only classify as the pregnant-lady vapors. I jolted out of a sound sleep (not a nightmare – a stressful dream, but not scary) feeling extremely uneasy. The only thing that made me feel better was to leave the room and turn some lights on. Still, I had the overwhelming feeling that something was wrong. I even wondered if perhaps labor wasn’t starting – I’ve never had a feeling quite like this. Once I calmed down a bit, I managed to go back to the bedroom and lay down, but I still had to read for a while before I was able to sleep again.

Seriously, wth?

This morning, I searched Google for a while, but all I came back with was night terrors. I had those in my first trimester; this isn’t the same thing, really. No nightmare, no terror, just…I don’t even know what you’d call it.

I took a nap when I got home, so at least I have some sleep in me. Though hopefully I’ll sleep through the night tonight.

Childbirth class

was interesting. I was expecting positions, breathing techniques, stuff like that, but this was more how birth works and pain management options. Most of which I already knew. (And R says he knew. But he’s a bit of a know-it-all. :)

I did like getting to tour the labor/delivery areas, and the mom/baby rooms. I did not like getting stuck in an elevator crammed full of expectant mothers and their significant others for half an hour. (I have an elevator phobia as it is…this did not help it one bit.) But I got to practice my breathing technique – they did teach us one, right before we got in the faulty elevator, so I guess it could have been worse.

I’m doing my own research, though. Something Kitty posted got me exploring childbirth sites, where I’ve learned much about the folly of due dates and the risks that can accompany medical intervention. While I’m still reserving the right to use pain medication, I’m more convinced than ever that I do not want to be induced or have a c-section unless we’re in danger.

Back to my research!


I think I might be having one. My belly doesn’t look weird (it did the last time I thought I was having a contraction), but it’s really hard. So long as it doesn’t hurt, I’m not going to worry about it. But it is so weird to not know if I’m having one or not. I always thought that was the kind of thing you just knew.

Of course, I thought cramps were the kind of thing you just knew you were having, too, but my first cramps were in my thighs – I thought they were growing pains. They didn’t cover widespread cramps in sex ed.

Tonight's song: Say It Now, by Joe Hedges

Gummi gets more active when a song I love is stuck in my head. Maybe I emit happy hormones when that happens. Maybe she can hear it too, and is dancing.

Yeah, probably the hormones. But I do like the thought of her dancing.

My stormy girl

I keep trying to come up with a way to explain what her movements feel like. The best I can come up with is thunder. I can usually sense…something right before she gets really active. Whatever it is, it reminds me of the feeling I get right before it storms. The clouds may be gathering, the wind may be picking up, but the best indicator you have that the sky’s about to open up is that feeling of anticipation.

And then she thunders at me. Like she’s doing right now.

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