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Dana posted a link to a list of hobbies that’s got me thinking. Excluding all the ones I have no interest in (rock climbing seems to be a sure trip to the emergency room for me) and the ones I’m already quite immersed in (reading!), I came up with these lists.

I’ve combined similar entries, for space.

Hobbies I already have, but would like to grow in:
Beadwork/Jewelry Making
Digital Photography
Exercise (aerobics, weights) I’m including walking and running here, too.
Gardening Well, if growing plants in pots can be called gardening.

Hobbies I used to have, and would like to rekindle:
Amateur Astronomy
Candle Making
Jigsaw Puzzles
Learning An Instrument (guitar, drums, maybe piano again)
Model Rockets
Rock Collecting
Soap Making

Hobbies I have never tried (or tried once and quit), but would like to:
Belly Dancing
Bonsai Tree
Educational Courses other than for school credit
Learning A Foreign Language
Working on cars


I used to love making pottery in art class. Handling the clay, painting it…all that stuff. I was awful at it, but I had a really good time.

Just now, for some reason, I was remembering what it felt like to create these poor, lumpy little bowls. (I think they were supposed to be ashtrays, though I remember making one little bowl with a lid. They usually ended up on my parents’ dresser, holding change and spare keys.) I got greater satisfaction from it than playing with Play-Doh, because this piece was permanent…for better or worse.

I wonder if there’s a place for adults to do this? Not just paint it – I want to make it, too. To Google!

Not one I would have expected

but when you start pricing bowling shoes and balls, it’s probably safe to call it a hobby.

(Not buying yet…but pricing. I may suck at bowling, but it’s fun and it’s exercise. Beats going to bars!)


I’ve discovered what I like about working with wood: the sanding (surface only, not shaping), prepping and staining. Painting would also be good, if painted wood worked with my decor.

I do not enjoy the cutting part, though. At least, not with my current tools. (Ok, tool: the butter knife-saw thing.)

I do love working with wood, though. The smell, the feel, the finished product. I just think maybe I need to wait until I have a house with a workshop before I tackle any really big projects.

Found some classes

though not quite what (or where) I had in mind. I’ve located classes in floral design, pottery, making stained glass, wire-wrapping stones, and cooking (the cheese class in particular has caught my eye). I’m now searching for a wine-tasting class. And, of course, I found the usual array of dance and exercise classes – haven’t decided if I’m up for an instructor yet, though. A one- to two-day course I could handle; a monthly fee for exercise courses is a bit out of my budget right now.

The bad part about all of this is that the courses cost more than I’m going to have to spare for a while – there’s a lot going on this spring, and money’s going to be tight (even if I don’t buy the couch). But at least I know where to look when I do have extra money. And maybe in the meantime I’ll come across some cheaper (or maybe even free!) classes.

Don't laugh

The inspiration for this goal came from…a dream. But it was a really good dream. (I’d say it was very vivid, but all my dreams on Chantix are vivid.) I dreamed that I quit my job and went to work for a florist. And I loved it. I even mentioned to someone in my dream how much happier I was than I’d been at my “old” job.

Now, I’m not just going to quit my job and go work in a flower shop just because I had a good dream about it. But it got me to thinking. There are all sorts of things I’d like to learn to do – flower arranging being one of them – that I never learned to do because they weren’t practical. Well, so what? If I enjoy it, does it need to be practical?

So I’m going to look into taking a class on flower arranging. But I don’t want to limit myself just to flowers here. I made this goal deliberately vague because I want to leave myself open to interests. I’m curious to see what all I’ll come up with.

And who knows – maybe I will become a florist. We’ll just have to wait and see. :)

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