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create a website

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If you guys need a place to host, is very good for it. Currently I have a site deticated to a Sims 2 project I’ve been working on since February.

when to release?

I’m currently trying to decide which things on my list I want to start writing. I basically want to have one thing from each media on the list reviewed before I even think about releasing it to the public. But when should I actually do that? Writing reviews will take me a long time, and I don’t want to wait too long to get it up.


I want to create a website where I post informal, personal reviews of video games, movies, webcomics, anything else I can think of. Just posting my thoughts about it with a semi-critical eye, whether or not I liked it, and who else might.

At the moment, I’ve made a few banners for the main page, and a few introductory pages, and I’ve brainstormed the media that I’m going to write reviews for. Sometime soon I should find a host, and ask Mom to help me, since she’s the HTML expert.

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